Week In Geek 2/29/2016

Hello fellow Geeklings! It’s Monday and you know what means… Week In Geek! February gave us it’s every four year bonus day so you would think that would make this week a little extra exciting. Who doesn’t love bonus day? Although wouldn’t it be kind of cooler if bonus day actually was a like an added day to the week. So every four years we … Continue reading Week In Geek 2/29/2016

The Oscars…Until Walking Dead Starts

I love award shows. Especially the Oscars but this year I find myself a little bit on the outside. In years past I have watched a large collection of the nominated films so I can have a good grasp on who should win and who I should bitch about winning. Every year there is that critical darling that wins when something better sits unrecognized (looking … Continue reading The Oscars…Until Walking Dead Starts

Book Shelf: Duma Key

On average I read any where between twenty-five to thirty books a year. As I’ve stated before I love reading, hell I just love stories, and am constantly plowing through books. Reading as much as I do I go through a lot of different types of books. For example there are the books that sound interesting and are good reads, but are easily forgotten. Then … Continue reading Book Shelf: Duma Key

Does the World Need an “R” Rated BvS?

Whilst traveling through the interwebs today I came across some interesting news. It appears that the DVD release of Batman vs. Superman will include an “R” rated version of the film. Immediately upon seeing this I could feel my head shaking before my neck got the message. My first reaction was to think who could that possibly be for, and after taking some time to think about … Continue reading Does the World Need an “R” Rated BvS?

My Week In Geek 2/22/16

There is a war currently being waged. This war is taking place inside my body as my immune system tries valiantly to ward off the sickness that is trying to infiltrate my body. I fear to report that my immune system might actually be losing this battle. I feel slightly feverish and hot, achy, can’t decide if I’m hungry, going to puke, or shit myself, … Continue reading My Week In Geek 2/22/16