My Game of Thrones Sunday

Hello Geeklings! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get a post up today (and also how I didn’t post yesterday). Not entirely sure what happened yesterday if I’m being honest. I woke up earlyish to write my review for the latest episode of Orphan Black over at Fan Fest, cleaned my apartment, went for a walk, and then ran out of time before work to … Continue reading My Game of Thrones Sunday

Marvel Collectors Corp Day!!!

Last year before the second Avengers movie I subscribed to a Funko (the company that makes Pop Vinyls) bi-monthly mystery box with a Marvel comics theme. At the time it seemed like a no brainer. The Avengers saw the release of a Hulk Buster Pop Vinyl and the only way to get it was through the Marvel Collectors Corps. Sold! Exclusive Hulk Buster Pop Vinyl with other Avengers themed swag? How … Continue reading Marvel Collectors Corp Day!!!