Special Guest Poster

Hello Geeklings! We’re going to try something a little different today and bring in a special guest poster…. whaaaaaaat???!! I’ve been toying around with the idea of expanding I Am Geek and bringing other writers in to share their geeky goodness, and I thought to myself why not try implementing new writers before the expansion. Once the thought was in my head there was little doubt that … Continue reading Special Guest Poster

Captain America: Civil War Review

After months of anticipation, countless trailer watchings and re-watchings, and two viewings in the span of two days, I am finally ready to write my Captain America: Civil War review. After seeing it Thursday night I had tons of thoughts running through my head but I wanted to wait and process the film. Plus I wanted the second viewing so I could see it as a movie … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Review

Oh Captain! Big Fan

I’ve been sitting here watching my cursor blink for the last couple of minutes. I decided earlier that I was going to save my Civil War review for Sunday which leads me questioning what to focus on tonight. Why Sunday, you ask? Well I’m still pooling my thoughts and want to make sure I articulate my thoughts properly. Also I’m seeing it again tomorrow night #noshame. Everyone … Continue reading Oh Captain! Big Fan