The Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 2

I left you guys with quite the cliffhanger yesterday, didn’t I? I only included half of the best of Comic Con list. You must have been dying to know what the other items were. I was alright with it, since I knew what the rest of the list included, but I figured I’ve been writing this blog since December and this is my first two part post. … Continue reading The Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 2

Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 1

Another Geek Christmas has come and gone and I find myself reflecting on this years haul. San Diego Comic Con is one favorite times of the year, he said as if this was a surprise. Like a heart broken teenager, I’m on social media every ten seconds checking updates… I’m actually not sure if that analogy works here. What I’m trying to imply here is that I’m … Continue reading Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 1

Week In Geek 7/25/16

Let’s just get one thing straight here, if it was up to me (and I suppose it actually is up to me) I would include Stranger Things in the Week In Geek for the foreseeable future. I’m crushing hard on this show Geeklings. I’ve already ordered my first Stranger Things t-shirt in case you guys were doubting my love for this show. Look at it! It’s wonderful. I actually think I’m … Continue reading Week In Geek 7/25/16

Please Find Me This Calvin & Hobbes Strip

It looks like my Emmy post is going to have to wait one more day as I’m using today to make a very special request from you Geeklings. All my life I’ve been a Calvin & Hobbes fan but haven’t really appreciated the comic strip until I got older. Suddenly all the jokes made more sense and the philosophy completely resonated with me. Calvin & Hobbes is more than … Continue reading Please Find Me This Calvin & Hobbes Strip