The Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 2

I left you guys with quite the cliffhanger yesterday, didn’t I? I only included half of the best of Comic Con list. You must have been dying to know what the other items were. I was alright with it, since I knew what the rest of the list included, but I figured I’ve been writing this blog since December and this is my first two part post. … Continue reading The Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 2

Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 1

Another Geek Christmas has come and gone and I find myself reflecting on this years haul. San Diego Comic Con is one favorite times of the year, he said as if this was a surprise. Like a heart broken teenager, I’m on social media every ten seconds checking updates… I’m actually not sure if that analogy works here. What I’m trying to imply here is that I’m … Continue reading Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 1

Week In Geek 7/25/16

Let’s just get one thing straight here, if it was up to me (and I suppose it actually is up to me) I would include Stranger Things in the Week In Geek for the foreseeable future. I’m crushing hard on this show Geeklings. I’ve already ordered my first Stranger Things t-shirt in case you guys were doubting my love for this show. Look at it! It’s wonderful. I actually think I’m … Continue reading Week In Geek 7/25/16

Please Find Me This Calvin & Hobbes Strip

It looks like my Emmy post is going to have to wait one more day as I’m using today to make a very special request from you Geeklings. All my life I’ve been a Calvin & Hobbes fan but haven’t really appreciated the comic strip until I got older. Suddenly all the jokes made more sense and the philosophy completely resonated with me. Calvin & Hobbes is more than … Continue reading Please Find Me This Calvin & Hobbes Strip

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Clearly you must be mistaken Kevin. You’ve stopped writing on the weekends and today is Sunday. Shouldn’t you be busy ignoring us and carrying on with your life?” I guess I kind of deserve that. My post frequency has diminished a bit since the summer started (you think) but it doesn’t mean I love you guys any less. I’ve just been finding … Continue reading