IMG_0891  About Kevin: 

If it was possible to get paid to binge watch he would totally submit his resume. Favorite show is LOST but strongly believes that Breaking Bad is the greatest thing to ever grace a television screen. And secretly has moved LOST down to favorite show 1A but please don’t tell him. Also a huge fan of Community and believes if you were to open the inside of his head you would find that it works similarly to an episode of Community.

Believes Braveheart is the greatest movie ever made and doesn’t count it in favorite films. Current top five favorite films include Pulp Fiction, Fellowship of the Ring, Empire Strikes Back, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the 40 Year Old Virgin.

Loves reading comic books. Favorite superhero is Spider-Man with Batman a close second. In recent years believes Miles Morales is his go to Spider-Man of choice. Currently reads Saga, Ms. Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, All New All Different Avengers, Wytches, Injustice, Batman, and Mark Waid’s Archie. Is not ashamed to say that.

Has a cat named Hudson, named after the character from Aliens. They are bros and hates being thought of Hudson’s dad. They are bros.

Novelty t-shirt collection is on point and a great source of pride.

Has quite the collection of Pop Vinyl figures and has currently run out of room to display them in his tiny apartment. Often tries to find ways to work them into Instagram photos as a way of showing them off. Also is not ashamed to say that.

Avid book reader. Loves Stephen King’s Dark Tower series with a passion. Also a huge fan of Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter… hell if it has words and a catchy story he’s going to read it. Also has self published one short story to Amazon.

Is an unapologetic geek.

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