The Suicide Squad- An I Am Geek Award Celebration

In a year without Comic-Cons, DC Fandome was a must-see event for those of us who were thirsting for a glimpse of any new comic book-related content coming to our, hopefully, post-pandemic lives. And while the event is remembered for it’s first look at Matt Reeve’s The Batman and Wonder Woman ’84, it was the behind-the-scenes feature on James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad that hooked … Continue reading The Suicide Squad- An I Am Geek Award Celebration

A Tale of Two Movies

I had grown a little frustrated with Marvel comics as of late. That’s not easy for me to admit, being an unabashed Marvel kid, but it was true. It started with the botching of Secret Empire, a series that started off as something daring and refreshing but ended with a generic Marvel crossover ending lacking any substance or consequence. The disappointment I felt was pretty real … Continue reading A Tale of Two Movies