Suicide Squad Trailer- Let’s Give It A… Hand

Once upon a time, I came on this very website and proclaimed my undying love for the DC movie, Suicide Squad… before it was released that is. But that trailer though, it looked incredible. It looked like DC was trying to slap together a team that could rival the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy and they used Bohemian Rhapsody to do it. There’s no easier … Continue reading Suicide Squad Trailer- Let’s Give It A… Hand

Nothing to Report

I’m having a tough time writing tonight Geeklings, not sure what’s going on. Tomorrow I should hopefully have something new to report because I’ve got some geeky plans of the permanent variety. Until then just enjoy the Suicide Squad trailer. Or re-watch as much Flash as you can. Or go to Comixology and buy a whole bunch of comics. Or start a new book, The Fireman is a fantastic choice. Or … Continue reading Nothing to Report