Geeking Out

Welcome to what is going to become a weekly column here at I Am Geek. An area where I’m just going to choose whatever I’m currently geeking out about and discuss it here, hence the very catchy and original title. I think it could be a fun way to bring attention to some of the more random things that have my focus however fleeting that may be.

Now with that being said I’m going to currently use this column to count down the top ten things I geeked out about the most over the course of 2015. That’s right folks we got ourselves a good ole classic Best of List. Please contain your excitement as I must imagine it is palpable at the moment. Over the next ten days we’re going to start at number ten and work our way down to number one right before the new year kicks in. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section or even share your own Top Ten of 2015 list. So without further delay let’s start with…

10. Archie by Mark Waid


Before this year if you ever asked me if I thought I would read, let alone fall in love with, an Archie comic I would have just rolled my eyes at you. Nothing about Riverdale really interested me outside the name Jughead. I knew the general history of Archie,one of those boy loves two girls and the audience fawns over which one he should choose in the end, stories. Kind of like the reverse Dawson’s Creek. Except the role of Archie will be played by Joey and she better pick Pacey otherwise I’m goi- you know what sorry. May have gotten a little carried away there. But seriously Dawson sucked something fierce. The dude was… again sorry (insert Paula Cole’s I Don’t Want to Wait here).

Any way I read a couple of reviews on how Mark Waid was going to be telling a modern day Archie story and was even able to steal Fiona Staples during one of the Saga breaks to do the art for the first few issues. Needless to say my interest was peaked. I had heard tremendous things about Waid’s run on Daredevil and Staples well… she just kills it. So I figured for three bucks what did I have to lose here.

Not only did I instantly fall in love with this book but I was taken back by the laugh out loud humor and the tremendous feels that underlined each panel. Waid has taken a character that has existed more or less forever and has done something that I didn’t think was possible….made him relevant. Yes Archie is a klutz and kind of a bone head, but he’s also charming and someone you want to hang out with. There’s a realness there. When it comes to Betty I’ll tell you, I might even have a bit of a crush on her. We learn that their relationship ended over something called The Lipstick Incident (which is finally revealed in issue four, and it’s worth the wait. Spoiler alert there are feels), but we see a confident girl who is comfortable being herself struggling to find her identity without her best friend. The introduction of Veronica finalizes our love triangle as  you see a rich girl who doesn’t know how to be comfortable in her own skin but wants acceptance. Yet the only way she knows how to get it is by being trendy. You want to root for her but she’s not Betty ya’ll.Yeah I know this all sounds like a previously on Dawson’s Creek but I’m telling you people this book is legit.

While Waid’s run is only four issues deep it’s one of the books that was instantly added to my pull list and totally worth the read. You’ll be pleasantly surprised in what you find in this modern day Riverdale. It’s a world where Jughead still loves hamburgers but isn’t fat, and Archie is actually a bitchin guitar player. Where Betty is literally the girl next door and Veronica wishes to be her. Archie kind of stole my heart this year, and if you give it a chance it might just steal yours too.

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