Week In Geek 6/6/16

It’s new Stephen King book week. Need I say more?

1.fil 2015-10-06 15 52 31 End of Watch by Stephen King– It’s going to be a short Week In Geek folks because the only thing that matters this week is Stephen King’s new book. When Stephen King’s detective trilogy started two years ago I was all about it. I was curious to see Uncle Stevie take on something new. The first book, Mr. Mercedes, was a change of pace and was an excellent read. The sequel, Finders Keepers, was fantastic. I straight up loved that book, and when the ending came along it seemed that King was looking to take this series into more King like territory which I found interesting considering how grounded in reality this series had been.

End Of Watch might be the only Stephen King book to come out this year, I haven’t heard of any others, so that helps to add to the excitement. I think King has developed a fantastic villain with Mr. Mercedes and I’m anxious to see how his story wraps up. I figure there will be blood and there will be heartache but mostly there will be awesome. And that’s all I want. That, and maybe a Dark Tower reference.

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