Week In Geek 8/1/16

Geeklings, I spend a lot of my time during the week writing. In no way is that a complaint, as a matter of fact it might be a brag. When I started this site (and with the addition of Fan Fest) I’m pretty much writing every day which has been one of my largest accomplishments thus far. I love writing and I love writing about the subjects I’m covering on both websites cause it allows me to spend time with you. My Geeklings. But I have to be honest here… for whatever reason, writing the intro to The Week In Geek is constantly a hang up for me. It’s almost like I don’t know how to start it. I just want to vomit words in list form without an introduction. That’s no fun at all. For example, I had a problem coming up with an intro today so as an intro I’m writing about how I have a difficult time writing intros for this column. It’s like the Inception of posts.

This is a pretty big week for us Geeklings. Lots of things to look forward to or reflect upon. I think it’s time that I quit babbling and got to it.

suicide-squad-plot-synopsis-pic1. Suicide Squad– Thank the Gods. It seems like I’ve been waiting for this movie forever (For.Ev.Er.). Outside of Captain America: Civil War there hasn’t been a comic book movie I’ve been more excited for this year. Yes, that includes BvS and Doctor Strange. The DC movie universe could really use a boost in the arm after how much Man of Steel and BvS have been panned by fans and critics a like. With the Wonder Woman trailer looking looking like ten pounds of awesome in a five pound bag, but being a year away, Suicide Squad could be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve said it from the start that I’m getting those Guardians of the Galaxy vibes here, and I’m hoping that it helps wash the bad taste out of my mouth left by BvS and Martha. There is so much potential here with a fantastic cast, and speaking as a Marvel kid, I’d really like to see DC stick the landing here. If I was a betting man, I’d tell you to watch for Harley Quinn, the Joker, and Killer Croc to be the break out stars here. Yes I know that from a visual stand point this Joker is nothing we’ve ever seen before, but I have faith that it’ll be something unique to behold that is able to exist outside the shadow of Heath Ledger. And if you don’t think this film is a vehicle to show how wonderful the Harley Quinn character is then you’re delusional. I trust David Ayers and can’t wait for this one Geeklings.

2. Suicide Squad Rebirth comic- Yes. Suicide Squad takes up two spots on this weeks list. Ever since DC launched it’s Rebirth movement I find myself reading more and more DC titles. Outside of Batman I now subscribe to Green Arrow and The Flash while I’ve dabbled with Wonder Woman and Titans. This is the most DC books that aren’t named Batman that I’ve ever read. Suicide Squad is a title I’ve been wanting to read for awhile but poor reviews and the confusingness of the DC universe has kept me away. Rebirth and the movie give a great opportunity for new readers to jump on, and I for one am very much looking forward to it. I know as the year goes on I’m going to have to weed some of these books off of my Pull List, as my wallet has limits, but I’m hoping that Suicide Squad has staying power. I’ll start to have a good impression of this come Wednesday.

preacher finale 13. Preacher– The first season of Preacher wrapped up last night (and if you want to read my Fan Fest review just click this link right here) and I discovered something about a half hour after it ended. I really, really enjoyed this show. It kind of crept up on me a little bit. I don’t know if it has been a mixture of writing about it on a weekly basis or the overall dark weirdness of the show, but I’m in. The finale was impactful and more of the same Preacher dark weirdness that we’ve come to love (for full thoughts, again, see my review #yayselfplugs). I kind of love these misfits and can’t wait to start reading the comic to get ready for next season.

4. Pearl Jam at Fenway Park– Second Pearl Jam show of the year coming up this Sunday, and I can’t wait. This will only be my 7th time seeing them but it’ll be my first time seeing them at an outdoor venue. Time to start prepping my voice and body for three of the best hours in life. See you Sunday Boston!

5. Thursday– I’m going to keep this one a little under wraps but I have some I Am Geek news that I’ll hopefully be sharing on Thursday. I’m really excited about it as it seems to be the first step in the evolution of the site. Be sure to tune in Thursday for the reveal… did I make this vague enough for you guys? I know interest peaked, right? I did that masterfully.

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