The Night Before the Infinity War Trailer

Question: Is this another Infinity War post?!

Answer: Yes, yes it is.

Question: You’ve been hyping this Infinity Trailer for like two Week In Geeks in a row. Why should we believe you now?

Answer: Give me a second, I have some actual evidence this time.

Question: Wait, there was no evidence for the last two times you posted about this?

Answer: Umm, no real evidence per say but a feeling. Strong feelings.

Question: I’ve got a strong feeling that I’m getting kind of fed up with all these empty Infinity War posts. Either you know or you don’t know. I’m going to stop reading these posts if you don’t include Infinity War footage soon.

Answer: I told you, I’ve got proof this time. Look.

Question: Ooooooh, so it really is coming tomorrow. What time?

Answer: Ummm, I’m not entirely sure. But if I was to gu-

Question: You’re not sure?! Is this goin to be another empty Infinity War promise?

Answer: No, no, no. No empty promises here. If I was a betting nan I’d say either nine or twelve o’clock leaning closer to twelve because that’s when people usually get their lunches.

Question: Okay, I can get on board with that? Is there anything else I should know about tomorrow?

Answer: Outside of getting a new look at Avengers Infinity War? Nope. It’s like Christmas Eve right now knowing the trailer is coming tomorrow. I am beyond hyped at this point. You better believe I’ll be back here tomorrow night or Saturday with a full trailer break down.

Question: Awesome! After that though will you kind of ease off the Infinity War stuff for awhile?

Answer: Most likely not. Not even remotely sorry.

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