Time For the Best of the Year

Holy crap you guys! Today is December 19th. December. 19th. Like, where did December go? Seriously. Christmas is next week, next week, and then right after that… goodbye 2018. Poof, ya gone homie. Which got me thinking, it’s time for the annual I Am Geek Best of the Year round-up and I haven’t even begun to start.

That’s not entirely true, last week I started to map out my Top Ten favorite things of the year and was happy with my list and then discovered I left a bunch of things off. For example, Black Panther came out this year! Why does it feel like it’s been out forever?! Wakanda Forever? No, just forever forever (in my defense this joke sounded waaaaaaaaay funnier in my head).

Now I have to restructure my entire list. Well, it’s more like move some things around I used the word “restructure” to be overly dramatic. I think it worked out well.

For this year’s Best of the Year round-up, I’m going to be returning to our original format. Last year was fun grouping things together but I kind of enjoy the countdown to number one better so that’s what we’ll be doing. Starting on Friday with number ten and working our way down until the New Year.

Why Friday? Because tomorrow will be the “Honorable Mentions”. You know, the things that were awesome but not awesome enough to make the final list. Then the official countdown is on like Donkey Kong. So prepare yourself Geeklings, it’s your favorite time of the year. I expect your opinions and thoughts as well. You can either mention them in the comments, on our Facebook page or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32.

2018 was quite a spectacular year and it’s time to celebrate it. Hold on to your butts!


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