Animal Crossing- The End of Bunny Day

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Everything seemingly put on pause. Held hostage in our own locations. Nothing is what it was. The little things taken away from us. A world we once knew almost gone chasing us away from interacting with our environment the way we once did. The time has been bleak. The time has been exhausting. But the time, the time has finally passed…

No, I’m not talking about the end of social distancing/quarantine. I’m talking about the end of Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Anyone who is playing this ultra addictive, super relaxing, escapism at its apex, game knows that Bunny Day was a bag of suck. Seriously. It monopolized everything. It was the Disney of Animal Crossing holidays. Want to fish? Sure hope you like catching eggs instead of fish. Need some wood? Sure hope you like knocking out eggs instead of wood. Oh, you think you found yourself a fossil? Nope, it’s another stupid egg. Now take all those eggs and craft some eggy stuff! Because shoes, lamps, and hats are practical uses for eggshells! Just think of the smell. And don’t even get me started on the logistics of an egg bed or egg balloons. The science just doesn’t add up. This Bunny isn’t bringing cheer, he’s trying to make you build furniture that is somehow more fragile than glass. And smells funky after a while. Cool, Bunny. Cool.

I for one was very much looking forward to Easter, urm, Bunny Day this year. Not because I was able to spend time with my family even though we had ourselves a lovely door dashed dinner with a FaceTime session afterward. Not because of Easter egg hunts even though my sister, my niece, and brother-in-law set up a fun one for my wife and I. Not because of candy because I’ve been stoking up on Starburst jellybeans for over a month now. No. I was looking forward to Easter because it meant the end of Bunny Day. Far too many nights were spent at I Am Geek Headquarters swearing as my wife and I had to deal with another unwanted/unexpected egg.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute aspect of the game. I kind of enjoy the way Animal Crossing goes all-in on holidays. There’s no question that Bunny Day was an event. Tom Nook was hyping this thing the minute April hit. I just didn’t enjoy how it took over everythingAnimal Crossing has been one of the more relaxing aspects of this quarantine. It’s very easy to get lost in collecting Nook Miles, fishing, and finding the perfect wardrobe. I have a serious clothes buying problem in this game but that’s beside the point. There’s only so many times I think I’m going to catch a mega fish and have it turn out to be an egg. It makes no sense. Eggs don’t bite! They just sink to the bottom of the floor. I shouldn’t be teased with a biting egg that I think is the big one that I can flip for big monies at Nook’s Corner. That kind of mental anguish is borderline abusive at best and is seriously affecting my ever growing tab with Tom Nook. That racoon is like Tony Soprano. Nothing is free with this guy and I wouldn’t discount Timmy and Tommy breaking a couple of fingers to send a message.

Granted, Animal Crossing did send patches trying to limit the amount of eggs found but by then it was too late. I was long since fed up and refused to creat anything Bunny Day related. I’d grab the eggs and flip them for money in silent protest. That’ll show that bunny, and Tom Nook for that matter for letting said bunny dominate the island the way he did… Please don’t tell him I said that. I only have one room in my house and still want to expand.

But now it’s over. The mental anguish has passed and the healing can begin. Bunny Day has come and gone and island life can resume its normalcy. I can dig for fossils and find actual fossils. I can fish the waters and catch actual fish. I can shake trees and not worry about being pelted with festive pastel-colored eggs. I can stand proudly next to Tom Nook’s command center, with the Greendale Community College anus flag proudly blowing in the wind, while dressed in a toga and 3D glasses, and resume my normal island life by trying to recruit a guitar-playing dog to play a concert for me and my fellow citizens. And for that, we say thank you big big.

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