Week In Geek- The Boys Season Finale & Bly House Brings the Spooky

Geeklings, a happy Monday to you all. I am currently on vacation and have spent the majority of my day doing chores in the hopes that the rest of my week can be chore-free. I know that may sound like a rather boring way to start ones vacation buuuut, I have to admit, I feel accomplished. Tomorrow Kevin is going to be quite relaxed, I do believe.

As a matter of fact, right now Kevin is quite relaxed. Once the chores were done, I exercised, ate some lunch, and have spent the remaining parts of my day reading my book. It’s been lovely and while I’m happy to be here with you fine folks I do sort of miss my book so today’s column is going to be a bit on the short and sweet side.

As you can see, I’m bringing back the Week In Geek as we have a couple of things to be excited about and because I couldn’t think of anything else to write today. That doesn’t negate that you should be all types of excited for what this week has in store for us. Starting with…

The Boys season two finale– I can’t believe The Boys is actually ending this week. Spreading this season out has been one of the best choices Amazon could have made and has kept me not only engaged in the season but looking forward to those Friday releases. Nothing like new episodes of The Boys to close out the week. Sadly, that comes to end this Friday as season two reaches its conclusion. This show has been firing on all cylinders this season and I honestly have no idea what to expect from this finale. Homelander and Stormfront are the scariest superhero couple possibly ever. Starlight is on the run. Black Noir has a nut allergy and could be dead. And you just know we’re heading toward a big showdown. Who lives? Who dies? And what does season three have in store for us? While I’m sad to see it go, one thing’s for certain, this finale is looking to be effin’ diabolical.

The Haunting of Bly Manor– It’s officially October which means we can get on with the spooky spooky. Nothing like some good horror to kick off the month of Halloween and Netflix is looking to provide with the scares. The Haunting of Hill House was tremendous and a sure-fire hit for the streaming network so it makes sense that there would be a follow-up. A new house. New haunts. A creepy doll room. What more could you want? Season two, or is it season one, drops this Friday. I suspect that you’re stomach might be dropping along with it.

There you have it Geeklings, all the best of this week. What are you looking forward to the most? Is there something not listed here that you’re particularly hyped for? Be sure to sound off in the comments or visit Twitter and throw me a line @iamgeek32. I’ll be back tomorrow with a little more substance and fewer chores. Be excited!

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