Dear AppleTV- Why Didn’t You Tell Me Servant Was Back?!

Dear AppleTV,

What gives?! Just because a guy was given a free subscription to your service doesn’t mean that said guy doesn’t want updates on when new content comes out. You would think that a top priority would be keeping me as a member once my free subscription runs its course but here you are… just not putting in the effort.

Listen, I get that it’s hard to compete with Netflix or HBO Max or Disney+ because you don’t boast the same volume as these other streaming networks. You have to build from the ground up. HBO Max, Disney, and Netflix all come with built-in libraries. Literally, hundreds of choices to be made on any given night. You got to put in that grind. Pull people in with the limited amount of shows and movies you have. Quality over quantity. I get it and I can respect that.

Buuuuuut, since you have such limited quantity don’t you think you’d want to promote your content when it becomes available? I never went to business school but that seems like a tremendous marketing strategy to me.

So, if that’s the plan can you tell me why I wasn’t informed that the second season of Servant had arrived on Friday? A show I actually enjoyed and was invested enough in to write a column telling people they should be watching it. I had to stumble upon this knowledge by chance on Twitter because I follow the show’s handle because of the column I wrote about it. If I hadn’t gone on Twitter on Saturday, the day after the second season dropped, I would have never known.

I know that they’re competition and all but you can’t knock Netflix or Disney for not letting their subscribers know net content is coming. They almost beat you over the head with it and it’s a formula that works because it gets people excited and gets streaming numbers up. You should be celebrating Servant, the first show on your Network to start its second season, not just hoping the fan base remembers it’s coming back. With the number of streaming services out there, it’s a good chance that people don’t know that.

You guys got to do better. Have to. Lucky for you, I found out the show was back but you had zero part in that. You guys need to be loud. You have some solid content here that I’m willing to bet no one knows about. Shows like Servant and Trying. Maybe help give them a chance to be watched as is intended for television programs. You know, the Super Bowl is coming up, maybe spend some dollars and put some ads out there so things like this don’t happen again because if you pull this shit for the second season of Ted Lasso, I’m going to be pissed.

All and all, I’m happy Servant is back and enjoyed the premiere. I need more creepy missing baby/cult dramas in my life. But maybe other people do too. Start advertising. For Christ’s sake, you’re Apple. You got the money.

As an apology, I’m willing to accept an extension of my free membership for a couple of months. Just putting that out there.


I Am Geek

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