Godzilla vs Kong Trailer- LFG

When I was a kid, I was really into Godzilla movies. I had a bunch of those all school rubber toys of Mothra and some of the other crazy beasts that would inhabit that monster-filled island. Not to mention more than one Godzilla figure that would often make his way into other genres, like my GI-Joes or superheroes. I mean, Godzilla vs the Hulk is a matchup that would often happen in my living room and not just because green was my favorite color. But it wasn’t just the toys that pulled me in, I loved the movies. Good. Bad. Sort of good but mostly bad. The ones with baby Godzilla. I would watch as many as I was able to get ahold of or would find on a television marathon. My favorite was one where Godzilla saves Japan and then walks into a volcano while all the Japanese government watches and cries from their secret bunker. Whenever I think of Godzilla this is my first visual. Godzilla the hero who walks into a volcano… it’s a beautiful image. This thunder god lizard who destroys everything in its path, and sort of shows up in old Sim-City games but without the actual name, chooses to save the puny humans. Way to go thunder god lizard! We puny humans say thank you big-big!

I was a fan of King Kong as well, but it wasn’t like Godzilla. Kong was cool but he always kind of separate from Godzilla. He was this ape who also battled monsters but also fell in love with women who were out of his league and was often kidnapped and brought to New York. Godzilla never got kidnapped and put on display on Broadway. No, my dude was walking into volcanos and somehow surviving to make another film. Kong was getting shot off the Empire State Building and dying tragically. And I mean that. Peter Jackson’s, King Kong is really upsetting and not because the movie is like three hours long. That closing forty-five minutes… that’s everything you love about the King Kong story right there. Beautiful stuff.

The thing about King Kong and Godzilla though… we always waited for them to fight. It was always the argument. Who would win? Kong has longer arms but Godzilla shouts electric fire stuff from his mouth. Godzilla has battled other monsters but Kong has battled humans. On and on and on the debate would go. And I’ve seen my fair of Godzilla vs King Kong tales and none of them have ever really lived up to the hype. Sometimes the imagination is just stronger.

Until now…

I’m not going to even try and sugar coat this, I’m effin’ hyped for this movie. You know what makes me even more hyped about this movie, besides this trailer or the fact that Kong comes at Godzilla like Thor and Stormbreaker crashing down on Thanos? The fact that I will actually get to watch it. I know that there are a bunch of people who are miffed with Warner Bros and HBO Max for releasing same-day theater and streaming, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I would not have paid to go see Godzilla vs Kong. I wouldn’t have. Going to the movies is too damn expensive. But will I watch this the day it comes out on HBO Max?! Hell yes, I will!

Out of these new Godzilla movies, I’ve only seen the one with Wanda and Quicksilver and the large majority of Skull Island. I’m now making plans to watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters but that doesn’t really matter does it? Sure it’ll fill in the blanks of an expanded monster universe but that’s not the draw here. The draw is Godzilla vs Kong. On a boat. In a city. On an island. On an airplane. I don’t care where just save me a seat… and some popcorn.

All I wish for is a definitive winner, even though I know they’ll never give us that. They’ll fight, multiple times, and then have to become the monster buddy cops they were always intended to be. But man, would I love it if Godzilla vs Kong gave us a clear winner. One monster standing tall as the credits start to roll. And that monster better be Godzilla.

Team Godzilla all the way!

What do you think Geeklings, you excited for Godzilla vs Kong? Will you be watching at home on HBO Max or are would you rather see this in the theater? Who do you think wins? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. The countdown to the fight of the century is on, and I am oh so ready! 

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