Lighting Those Creative Fuses

Geeklings, I saw Logan last night. I kind of want that to sound dramatic and carry weight. Not to be funny or over dramatic but because I think that statement should hold a certain amount of gravity to it. Here, let me try again. Geeklings, I (pauses and gulps)…I saw Logan last night (sighs and nods his head at nothing in particular). There, that seems a little more appropriate. … Continue reading Lighting Those Creative Fuses

What’s Everyone Geeking Out About?

Dear Geeklings, Hello. I came into today knowing I should write but I don’t have any writing agenda. Usually I have a rough idea of what I want to discuss, and yeah sometimes that changes through out the course of the day as my mind is pretty over active, but today I really have nothing. I can’t really think of one topic to focus on … Continue reading What’s Everyone Geeking Out About?