Best of 2021 Part II

Geeklings, to the delight of many of you I assume, 2021 is on life support. It’s strapped to the hospital bed and it’s ready to say goodbye before the plug is pulled. My only hope is that the spirit of 2021 doesn’t inhabit the body of 2022 which I can only assume is what happened at the end of 2020. This has been an endless … Continue reading Best of 2021 Part II

I Am Geek Mailbag Vol. 2- MCU Phase Four

Geeklings, I’m really starting to enjoy these mailbag columns. Yes, I know it’s only the second one we’ve ever done buuuuuut it really helps in a week where work has my brain looking like mashed potatoes that were in the microwave for far too long. How does it help you ask? Well, my mush brain doesn’t have to come up with new content to write. … Continue reading I Am Geek Mailbag Vol. 2- MCU Phase Four