Secret Wars #8


Careful beyond this point there be spoilers yo

I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’ve read all of Jonathan Hickman’s Avenger’s run, as a matter of fact I’ve only read a handful of issues. I always felt kind of on the outside, like it was too late to jump in because there was too much to catch up on. I think that has affected my enjoyment of the Secret Wars event series. Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyed this series (despite the delays) but I feel if I had been fully immersed in Hickman’s world then maybe I would be getting something more out of it.

This issue picks up where we left off, war on the steps of Doom’s castle. There is a good amount of action and we finally get to see ultra sized Thing in action as he charges into battle against Galactus, who has more or less become the Pinocchio to Franklin Richards (or is it Franklin Doom?). Color me a bit disappointed with the use of the Thing here. When Thanos busted him out of his wall like prison I expected big things here (no pun intended…maybe a little bit) but this battle seemed anticlimactic at best, and leads to a bigger question that I’ll bring up in a moment.

The Reeds and Star Lord successfully infiltrate Doom’s castle, leaving Quill behind to fix the ship. This leads to a fun exchange between a tooth pick toting Star Lord and Black Swan. I thought the tooth pick seemed a bit out of place for Quill but it only took a few panels before its greater purpose was realized, and for some reason caused Franklin’s Pinocchio Galactus to be more afraid of the made of wood Groot then the made of stone Thing. Not entirely sure why that would be, but I’m always pro Groot so why not?!


Elsewhere Doom seemed to be a bit chill about the whole people fighting to the death at his door step thing, and even offered a gift to Thanos if he stopped his bit of rebellion and joined the cause. Thanos in turn got all “oh girl no you didn’t I’m a god too” which caused Doom to calmly kill him. That’s right. We’re talking some real Highlander type stuff here. Which raises the larger question for Secret Wars… what does death even mean in this series? We know because of the All New All Different comics staring up already that it seems that the death of Cyclops has stuck yet Dr. Strange has a new ongoing title and Doom took him out as well. During Secret Wars #1 it looked like Rocket Raccoon took one for the team but he seems alive and well in the current run of Guardians. As does his new partner the Thing. So what does this mean? Do only certain deaths count? Or we to believe that Thanos is actually dead or is this one of those moments that seems shocking but doesn’t hold any weight. I’m actually leaning towards this belief especially with how important Thanos is to the larger picture of the MCU. But as of right now home boy is just a pile of clothes and a helmet.

Other moments to note:

  • Reed finally met up with Sue even if the encounter was brief. Is this the Sue from the 616 or a Doom created Sue? Interested to see their interaction.


  • Black Panther showed up with his Infinity Gauntlet (Doom enjoyed pointing out to Thanos that he lacked one of those) and his army of undead. Was good to see the very calm Doom finally seem a bit rattled. Plus I’m really digging all these moments for T’Challa. That image of him wearing the Gauntlet is still one of my favorite from the entire series.


As we steam roll towards the end I’m curious to how Hickman is planning to wrap this up and create the All New All Different world that most books are currently living in. The last few issues have been a bit action heavy so I would be expecting an oversized book that will have a healthy dose of talky talk, action, and resolution. While I may not understand everything that’s happening in this book I am looking forward to how it all comes together. Even though that means having to wait another month.


FINAL RATING: 8.3 out of 10

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