Confessions of An Unapologetic Geek

The I Am Geek Mission Statement


Interwebs I’m going to be totally honest with you, I am super excited about this site. For those of you who have followed me in the past you know that this isn’t my first foray into the world of blogging. Much like Rocky Balboa it’s tough to keep me away, “hey yo, I write blogs”. Although I’m trying something different here at I Am Geek. I’m going to focus completely on my geeky life style. A statement that must have been shocking considering the title of the site. In the past my attempts at blogging were a bit erratic, too many thoughts and no clear outline. Do I want to talk about my life with sprinkled in pop culture references today or how my cat ruined my copy of the Hobbit.  The spectrum was too large or maybe too vague. Here at I Am Geek it’s all geeky all the time.

Honestly speaking it has taken me some time to really embrace my inner geek. There were times, especially around the lady folk, where I would kind of suppress the levels of geekdom trying to burst out of me like the fires of Mt. Doom, but interweb friends those days are gone. For example I used to wait to be embarrassed when I told people I read comic books. In some cases I would tell people almost because I was ashamed and awaited their judgment. Not anymore. Having recently read Felicia Day’s most awesome memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet, I found the mantra I didn’t know I was using to live my life by until I read it.

“No one should feel lonely or embarrassed about liking something.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Around the time I was going through my divorce, spoiler alert kids this thing may tend to get a bit personal at times, I spent a lot of time with myself and came to the conclusion that all these various interests of mine, and the passion I have for them, is part of what makes me great. Part of what has shaped me. Why should I be embarrassed of me? And as I asked myself this question over and over in the mirror the answer I kept coming to was I shouldn’t be. [Author’s Note: this never happened this was added for dramatic effect. Did it work?] So I allowed myself to really let my inner geek shine. No more hiding aspects of things that I loved. I was going to tell you about them and try and get you to love them too, and if not then it was me who thought you were the weirdo.

This did cause a bit a of a problem as I found most people didn’t care about the things I was passionate about. Well that’s not entirely true. I think the more fair (most fair?) statement would be most people don’t share the same varied interests as me. Collectively my friends and family share all of my interests but when you start to count them as the individual people that they are they form tiny horcruxes of my many interests. This in turn has lead me here fellow interweb friends. My outlet.

It will be here at I Am Geek where I allow myself to fully explore the things that are on my mind that maybe other people couldn’t care less about. There’s only so many times I can tell my sister and her husband to watch Orphan Black because Tatiana Maslany is so face meltingly good. And if by chance she’s reading this I would totally have your children Tatiana (yes you read that right).

The goal here is to build a community where if you’re out there and not sure if you can comfortably embrace your inner geek you have a place to turn to. Cause you should never feel alone. Just because you’re a geek doesn’t make you less of a person it makes you passionate and to me those are the best people.

Here at I Am Geek we’ve got big plans, and by we I mean me. I’m talking comic book reviews, trailer updates, movie and TV show write ups, hoping to work in a video mail bag, and eventually expansion. While I Am Geek is my site, I would eventually like it to be our site and open the doors to other geeks to have an outlet to write and share. Like I said I want us to build a community together. Cause we’re awesome and we should be willing to share it.

So please feel free to subscribe, comment, share on Twitter or Faceyspace, and make this your home too. Welcome everyone to

I Am Geek

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