Geeking Out: Best of 2015

7. Pop Vinyls


First things first let me start by saying, Merry Christmas to each of you and yours (I include pets in this). I hope your Christmas has been geektastic and brought nothing but good cheer.

Now I think that it’s time that I come clean. My name is Kevin and I have an obsession with Pop Vinyl figures. For those of you that know me personally this comes to no surprise what so ever, but to those of you who just know me through I Am Geek, well now you know me that much better. I’m not entirely sure how to properly express my love for these three inch, sometimes six, vinyl created wonders. I adore them, and currently my tiny Fortress of Nerditude is running out of space to display them. Picture the 40 Year Old Virgin but the volume is turned down to a healthy five or six. I mean I don’t think the apartment is going to cause me to regain my virginity…is that even a thing?!

Once I reached the age of being too old to play with action figures I made the smooth transition into collecting things. The mind set having always been “man I would have loved to have played with this as a kid! I must own it so I can keep that part of my inner child alive”. Before I collected, you know when I was just a kid with an over active imagination, I would stay up for hours constructing different stories with various different action figures, and I absolutely looooooved cross-overs. Hey G.I. Joe would you like to see what’s going on with Star Wars, because Darth Vader has been starting some shit in the Ewok Village. Oh crap TMNT can you believe the cast of He-Man is asking you to help defend Castle Grayskull?! One of my all time favorite things about being a kid was playing with action figures and constructing stories and acting them out. Now I buy things and find shelves to place them on so I can stare at them and giggle like an inner child trophy case.

GoT Hudson Pop

The love affair with Pop Vinyls began when I found myself wanting a Game of Thrones figure to add to my collection. At the time options were limited, the show was going into the start of season three so the merch hadn’t really blown up to the point it is now says the man who owns Game of Thrones coasters. With Jon Snow being my favorite character the purchasing decision was easy. As I opened my newly purchased first Pop I couldn’t help but be overcome with the urge to take a picture of him…with Hudson the Cat who would play the role of Ghost the direwolf. After that things kind of get blurry. I mean what’s not to love?!  Why should I just stop at Game of Thrones pops, my collection is on point by the way ya’ll.

“Hey Kevin”. Yes Pop Vinyl. “Would you like to own figures of Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction?” You bet your ass I do! “Boom! They’re yours. How do you feel about Hannibal, Orphan Black, and Guardians of the Galaxy pops?” Ummmm yes! Yes! YES! And thus explains my obsession with Pop Vinly.

It’s the only area of collectible where you can get such a vast array of different franchises. I have Avengers pops, Breaking Bad pops, Hannibal and Orphan Black pops, Alien and Walking Dead pops, for the love of God Star Wars pops! And I can’t get enough of them. For Christ’s sake the upcoming 2016 pops list includes BraveheartGladiatorSpider-Gwen, and LOST! Effin LOST! Just take all of money now please. God forbid if they ever make a Community set. I don’t think my heart could take it.

I think one of my favorite things about Pop Vinyls is how photogenic they are. I have more or less turned my Instagram page into a series of variously posed Pop Vinyl pictures (link to Instagram is in the About section. Feel free to friend me). Sometimes I just work them into the background and other times I just focus on them. And this one time I was driving through town and saw that someone was selling an RV, and well…IMG_1319 this happened.To make myself not sound totally insane I saw the RV then drove back home to get the Breaking Bad pops, and then I drove back to the RV and posed them on a total strangers lawn. See, doesn’t sound crazy at all. Right?!

Without a doubt Pop Vinyl has become my favorite collectible, and with the news of all these new impending pops I have already started plotting pieces of furniture that I need to purchase in order to display them to my approval. There’s just something about them that gives me complete and utter glee and joy. Going into 2016 with a little over sixty pops. I wonder if I can end next year with a hundred…I’m going to need a bigger apartment.

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