Funko Con Exclusives- A Timeline of Madness

*sigh* … … … … *siiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhh* Oh, hello. Sorry, I’m just feeling a bit bummed. Why you ask? Well, we should be at the very start of con season right about now. Geeks everywhere should be putting the finishing touches on their cosplays, mapping out arenas, finalizing photo ops or signings, finding their most comfortable shoes, and most importantly, getting ready for the best weekend … Continue reading Funko Con Exclusives- A Timeline of Madness

Once You Pop! You Can’t Stop

Geeklings, you remember our good friend Tiffani Bennett? Of course, you do she was here a little while ago talking about coming out of the Fan Girl Closet. Good news! She’s back with a brand new column on this most glorious Friday. That’s right, we’re really spoiling you with content this week. You’re welcome, you’re welcome.  And after you reading Tiffani’s post why not hang … Continue reading Once You Pop! You Can’t Stop

Infinity War Pops Drop. I Lost My Mind

Geeklings, I had two column ideas for tonight. I was actually thinking about doing both today because I was feeling super ambitious but things have changed. I’m now planning to write one of those columns tomorrow and focusing on the one you’re currently reading. Not because I’m not feeling super ambitious anymore but because I can’t focus. There are greater forces at work Geeklings. Marvel and Funko … Continue reading Infinity War Pops Drop. I Lost My Mind

Funko Saves the Day

Geeklings, today was one of those “meh” days, and it started pretty early. For starters my local theater kind of pulled the old scrooge-a-roo on me last night. You see, Wednesday I stopped by to see if they would be doing a late Thursday night showing of Black Panther and the manager told me no. I was bummed. If you’ve been reading I Am Geek for awhile then you … Continue reading Funko Saves the Day

I’m A Pop Vinyl

For those of you who have been frequenting, I Am Geek in its almost two-year existence, know that I’m just a wee bit obsessed with collecting Funko’s pop vinyl figures. You might even recall last Decembers Funko Photo Challenge and its results on my Instagram page (@iamgeek32). My addiction has turned into a serious problem at this point as I don’t have any shelf space and I’ve … Continue reading I’m A Pop Vinyl

The Week Funko Broke My Wallet

As far as pop vinyls are concerned, this week was supposed to be pretty simplistic. There was an announcement on Fridayish that they would start releasing some of the NY Comic Con exclusives starting Monday and that was cool with me. I love Comic Con exclusives, I basically just love Funko exclusives, and I’ll be attending NYCC which makes me feel like I’m in the loop. … Continue reading The Week Funko Broke My Wallet

Funko Releases GotG vol. 2 Pop Images and My Heart Literally Stops Beating

Throughout the course of any given day I’ll send my sister a text or two to discuss something geeky. She has become my go to for geeky content as she continues to spread her geek filled wings (like a butterfly or some other majestic cocoon emerging animal). Granted, I’m fully aware that some of the things I send her are met with a “oh that’s … Continue reading Funko Releases GotG vol. 2 Pop Images and My Heart Literally Stops Beating

Funko Pop Vinyl Photo Challenge

Geeklings, yesterday while traveling through the interwebs I discovered something that had me tilt my head back in the classic “this man is thinking about something” pose as I pretended to ponder the possibilities of taking on a photo challenge. I say pretend because once you hear the subject you will know there was no way I wasn’t getting down on this. I did find … Continue reading Funko Pop Vinyl Photo Challenge