Funko Saves the Day

Geeklings, today was one of those “meh” days, and it started pretty early. For starters my local theater kind of pulled the old scrooge-a-roo on me last night. You see, Wednesday I stopped by to see if they would be doing a late Thursday night showing of Black Panther and the manager told me no. I was bummed. If you’ve been reading I Am Geek for awhile then you know I hate waiting for movies. I’m there night one because of excitement and because I don’t want the interwebs spoiling the film. And I’m not talking about fans. Fans tend to be pretty good on Facebook and the Twitter just talking about how much they enjoyed the movie. It’s the websites I follow that spoil the film in their headlines or picture choices. I’m a pretty smart guy (#humblebrag), especially when it comes to piecing together plot details to a story, which makes me a part of the demographic that is easily spoiled. It turns out the manager of said local theater was lying because there was a ten o’clock showing last night that I was too tired to make. If I had known I was seeing Black Panther last night I would have stored energy throughout the course of the day, but since I didn’t know because of a lying manager, I was dead tired. Plus, no one was able to go.

Right there, that was a bit annoying. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to visit Wakanda. I know, I know, first world geek problems but still. I want my Black Panther movie and I want it now.

Continuing down the hill of things being kind of “meh”, I was too tired to get my ass out of bed to go to the gym which left me feeling worthless as a human. You know the feeling. The “I should be exercising instead of eating this dark chocolate wafer cookie yet here I am hitting the snooze button that was supposed to get me out of bed for the gym.” That one is more on me but still a bummer. It was immediately followed up by the Marvel Collector Corps sending an email saying that they would be discontinuing the service starting after April’s Infinity War box. Ugh.

I’ve been a subscriber to the Collector Corps since day one (had to have that Hulk Buster pop yo) and have only missed one box and that was because I had fraud on my debit card and didn’t have a new one to use to subscribe. I’ve been such a good member that they sent me a free Star Wars box. Now here was the kicker, the box will still be developed but instead of a mail subscription it would be going retail and you could only buy it in a store. Cool, he said sarcastically. The probability of yours truly getting ahold of box now is slim as retail stores will only get a select amount of boxes, and I’m sure the box will be exclusive to one store. If it’s Target I’m going to be pissed as getting exclusive pops from there is damn near impossible. The kicker of all this was that because the box was getting discontinued the subscription feature was turned off for all current subscribers and you had to manually go in to make sure you got the Infinity War box. Oh you know, just an added kick to the junk. To make matters worse… the site was down. The logic here made zero sense to me and seemed like an active effort to tick off long-time subscribers. After fighting with the website for what seemed like forever I was finally able to secure my Infinity Box which made me feel better but I was still annoyed. So help me god if this thing doesn’t come with an Infinity Gauntlet I’m gonna flip.

Mind you, at this point, it’s only seven o’clock in the morning when I heard the news and the website struggle carried on for most of the morning. To top things off I decided to leave my glasses at home so I didn’t have them at work. I was reading the fourth volume of Jessica Jones Alias last night and left the glasses on my coffee table near my Fancy Comic Book Reader. As I was running out the door this morning I grabbed my glasses case, because logic, and got to work only to find it empty. Joy! The headache and blurry eyes were all types of fun.

But the day was not lost my friends. I was crabby and all types of “blegh” filled with the “I Don’t Want To Work Blues” but Funko was here to save the day. I see the irony considering that one of their products kind of derailed the day, but hear me out cause I feel like they made up for.

Today is New York Toy Fair which means all types of awesome toys will be announced and displayed today. All types of awesome toys including Funko pop vinyls. That’s right, at a random point during the day, I almost want to say around lunchtime, I went on social media only to discover that Funko was dropping all types of pop vinyl bombs. Immediately it became the one thing to make the day go a little smoother. So what my eyes burnt and my head hurt? So what I couldn’t see Black Panther last night? So what I have a thirteen hour work day? There were new pop vinyls to behold! #instantmoodchanger

While my mood changed my wallet quietly wept in my pocket. Funko is really bringing it this year something I feel I say every year. I caught a small glimpse of new Game of Thrones pops that finally include a Davos pop. The new It pops have all the Losers Club and some new exclusive Pennywise figures to make me lose sleep at night. There were Doug pops that included a Quail Man Toys R Us exclusive. There were Stranger Things pops with monster hunter Steve and Halloween Bob. The Deadpool pops were just bananas with their awesome. Coming to America, Grease, Super Troopers… it was all very overwhelming. You need proof? Here, check this shiz out.

Am I right?! Just… man, I’m going to be broke. But besides that, a hearty thank you to Funko for making the day a little less “meh” and a whole lot more “yusssssss”.

What do you think Geeklings? What are your favorite pop reveals of today? Be sure to leave your comments either here or on the Facebook page or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32.

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