Week In Geek-Scorsese To Netflix, Knives Everywhere, & Star Wars Hype

Geeklings, a very Happy Monday to you all! How was everyone’s weekend? Did you get to see Frozen 2 and all its glory? Cause man, let me tell you Geeklings, I loved it. Like sincerely. I absolutely loved it. It was so charming and sweet and emotional and just… the power of Disney animation, am I right? If you didn’t get to see it hopefully … Continue reading Week In Geek-Scorsese To Netflix, Knives Everywhere, & Star Wars Hype

Funko Saves the Day

Geeklings, today was one of those “meh” days, and it started pretty early. For starters my local theater kind of pulled the old scrooge-a-roo on me last night. You see, Wednesday I stopped by to see if they would be doing a late Thursday night showing of Black Panther and the manager told me no. I was bummed. If you’ve been reading I Am Geek for awhile then you … Continue reading Funko Saves the Day

Texting Fictional Characters

Over the weekend I finished playing the Mr. Robot mobile game and I discovered something. I love texting fictional characters! Which probably sounds strange if you know nothing about the game but allow me to give you a little background. The entire game is kind of a choose your own adventure/text based game with the characters of Mr. Robot. Mostly Darlene and Elliot, but mostly Darlene. The game spans about four … Continue reading Texting Fictional Characters