Week In Geek- Walking Dead Returns, Incredible 2, and Unlimited Comics

Geeklings, what’s going on? Happy Monday to you all. I think for most of us we had the day off, for those of you who didn’t I send my most sincerest apologies, and that was pretty grand. There’s nothing like having a week where Monday doesn’t really count. Then again, Tuesday becomes the new Monday and a Tuesday-Monday can sometimes be the worst kind of Monday out there. Think about it, there’s just so much to cram into a short work week… you know what, no. I’m not doing this. I had off today and I’m going to enjoy the fact that I read comics and ran errands with the Adorable Creature. Tuesday-Monday be damned.

Soooooooo, how many of you saw Black Panther this weekend? Yeah me too! I’m saving my full thoughts for later in the week, I’m still processing just how to attack the review, but dear sweet baby Jesus, all hail the King! I need to see this again like yesterday… anyone want to come? We can have an I Am Geek movie field trip. Why hasn’t this become a thing? Hmmm, I’m going to let the wheels spin on that one a little bit.

We’ve got a pretty full week ahead of us my friends. Tons of things to cover so you better believe there’s going to be new content all week long, and our good friend Eric Landro will be stopping by with part one of a two-part music column. I always enjoy when our friends stop in to say hi. As for the rest of the week? There are plenty of things to be geeking out about. I say we break this baby down.

walking dead last stand1. The Walking Dead returns- While the first half of this season of The Walking Dead has left a lot to be desired, seriously, how have they not figured out story pacing yet? Or how to focus on more than three characters an episode? Or…I’m just going to say that the season has been subpar at best. We did end the midseason on quite the cliffhanger and what is probably the shows biggest break from the comic material yet. ***S P O I L E R ALERT*** Carl has been bitten, or scratched, by a walker and is now riding the one-way street to dead character ville. I have to say that I was honestly surprised to see the show do something like this and I am curious about the outcome. In the comics Judith doesn’t exist, she died in the prison war, so Rick does have another child lying around but you have to believe that the loss of Carl is really going to ruin him. Hasn’t Carl’s future been what everything is about? Plus, he’s the one kid he knows is his. What?! Too soon?

What kind of Rick will we have after this? Will we maybe see some more of Negan going forward? Is this episode going to be just one big cry fest? Carl may have taken a beating from the fan base over the years but his death will be the biggest the show has ever done. For those of us who care about Rick you have to imagine it’s going to take an emotional toll. Here’s hoping that it kicks off an improved second half of the season.

2. The Incredibles 2 trailer- Finally, we have our first look at The Incredibles 2 and it looks all types of delightful. Picking up immediately where we left off, with the mole people attack, this sequel looks to explore more of that superhero family dynamic. The first film saw Mr. Incredible running rogue missions, in a world that had turned on supers, and this film looks to kind of switch that around a little bit. Elastagirl will be out in the field doing superhero-like things while Mr. Incredible becomes Mr. Mom. The trailer looks super promising, pun intended, and I’m very much looking forward to catching up with everyone’s favorite superfamily.

Image result for thor ragnarok3. Thor Ragnarok digital release- 2018 looks to be the year of Marvel. Black Panther is destroying records. Avengers Infinity War is right around the corner, and if that wasn’t enough you can travel the Road to Infinity War by re-watching all the MCU films, one a week, up until the release of the third Avengers film. One of the films that you’ll need to watch on that journey is Thor Ragnarok which is available on digital platforms tomorrow. Hands down, the best of the Thor movies, Ragnarok was an absolute blast and while I’m still a number of films away from it on the Road to Infinity War, I’m not sure I can wait to watch this one. We all need a little more Korg in our lives.

Image result for comixology unlimited4. Comixology Unlimited- This isn’t a new feature, in fact, it’s been around for awhile, but it’s new to me. I finally signed up for Comixology Unlimited yesterday for $5.99 a month, and the first month is free, aaaaaaand I’m really excited. I’ve been kind of weighing whether or not to actually do this as not every book is available on Unlimited but their library has grown substantially and there are a number of things on there that I want to dance across my eyeholes. Starting with Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity (the complete collection) which I think will be the basis for Infinity War, and going through a ton of different Image titles that I haven’t gotten a chance to read yet. With Comixology reaching a deal with Marvel it just seemed like a no-brainer to sign up for the Netflix of comic books. New books are getting added all the time too. I figure this will save me money on my graphic novel purchasing. I spent a good portion of last evening throwing books on my wishlist now I just need to figure out which one I’m going to read first. I’m actually kind of overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start… maybe I should just read the massive Infinity series first? I’m open to suggestions.

There you have it Geeklings, my favorite things of the week. What are you guys looking forward to? Share what you’re geeking out about here in the comments or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. Lots to be excited about and it’s only Monday.

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