Week In Geek- Oscars, Funko, & DC Zombies

Listen, I can explain. I know yesterday was Monday and on Monday we Week In Geek and yet there was no post. No column. No mention of a lack of column. Nothing. Kind of lame in the grand scheme of things but I have an excuse. I was doing laundry earlier in the day, then came home to watch the rest of Umbrella Academy, then … Continue reading Week In Geek- Oscars, Funko, & DC Zombies

Funko Saves the Day

Geeklings, today was one of those “meh” days, and it started pretty early. For starters my local theater kind of pulled the old scrooge-a-roo on me last night. You see, Wednesday I stopped by to see if they would be doing a late Thursday night showing of Black Panther and the manager told me no. I was bummed. If you’ve been reading I Am Geek for awhile then you … Continue reading Funko Saves the Day