Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

I don’t think anyone could truly be blamed if they spent the majority of their time on social media falling deeper and deeper into a coronavirus like wormhole. Picture that part in Alice In Wonderland where Alice is falling down the hole but instead of it being dirt and mushrooms picture icky coronavirus like vibes falling past her while also sticking to her soul. Good … Continue reading Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Series- How Concerned Should We Be?

Disney+ was a pretty easy sell for me. Out of all the streaming services that are on the horizon, the HBO Max, the Peacock (worst name?), and Apple+, Disney was my clear favorite. The only reason I would get the Peacock is to continue streaming The Office but I’m leaning toward downloading the entire series so I just have it forever. HBO Max has my … Continue reading Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Series- How Concerned Should We Be?

Did Netflix… Crash?!

While you were at work today something catastrophic happened. Something so terrifying that I’m actually afraid to mention it here in fear that it’ll happen again. Kind of like saying Voldemort’s name aloud or saying “traffic has been good today” during a long drive. I’m Lucas Washington, I don’t want to wish that evil on anyone because if this was to occur again at the … Continue reading Did Netflix… Crash?!

All Hail Our New Adorable Overlords, The Quokka

I learned about a new animal today. You would think as a thirty-seven-year-old adult that my new animal discovery days would be over. I mean, what else is there to discover? Maybe some kind of fun sub-species of a cat or bear but at this point in the game, I think I’ve seen it all. Or so I thought. Like most mornings, I woke up … Continue reading All Hail Our New Adorable Overlords, The Quokka

San Diego Comic-Con- Days 1 & 2

Geeklings, as alluded to on Monday’s Week In Geek, the most wonderful time of the year has arrived. San Diego Comic-Con is here and with it comes an avalanche of pop culture news. Prepare to be crushed under the weight of new trailers, announcements, surprise guests, and so much more. SDCC is the gift that keeps on giving and this weekend’s heat advisory has given me permission to … Continue reading San Diego Comic-Con- Days 1 & 2

… and A Movie?

Geeklings, I was having one of those great lazy days yesterday. I had taken myself a three day weekend, worked out (which admittedly is not that lazy), continued my Stranger Things re-watch (only two episodes left!), hung out poolside with my family, and was really just enjoying the nothing of it all. Not that these things didn’t matter, they mattered a great deal towards strong mental health, … Continue reading … and A Movie?

Alien, House Elf, or Other?

Social media should really come with a cut off time. It can be different times depending on the person, but just imagine if you weren’t able to use social media after a certain time of day. You can even set it yourself. Suddenly we’re limiting late night posts that one my instantly regret upon waking up or friend requesting a certain someone who you shouldn’t be friend … Continue reading Alien, House Elf, or Other?

So, The Oscar Noms Were Announced Today…

… but let’s be honest, how much of your day was impacted by this? Did you spend all day on social media talking about your favorite performances that either got nominated or snubbed? Did you start calculating the odds of what film will win Best Picture or who will win in what acting categories? Did you spend more than five minutes on The Oscars or did you casually scan … Continue reading So, The Oscar Noms Were Announced Today…

Do We Need A Breaking Bad Movie?

The internet is a fun and interesting place… most times. When it’s not being a toxic sewer attempting to damn your soul. Although, I tend to stay away from those areas. Sure, it’s on Twitter but I don’t engage. Like, I see it but move on. I try to focus on the positive fun side of the internet… yes, such a thing exists and no, … Continue reading Do We Need A Breaking Bad Movie?