Alien, House Elf, or Other?

Social media should really come with a cut off time. It can be different times depending on the person, but just imagine if you weren’t able to use social media after a certain time of day. You can even set it yourself. Suddenly we’re limiting late night posts that one my instantly regret upon waking up or friend requesting a certain someone who you shouldn’t be friend … Continue reading Alien, House Elf, or Other?

Special Guest Poster

Hello Geeklings! We’re going to try something a little different today and bring in a special guest poster…. whaaaaaaat???!! I’ve been toying around with the idea of expanding I Am Geek and bringing other writers in to share their geeky goodness, and I thought to myself why not try implementing new writers before the expansion. Once the thought was in my head there was little doubt that … Continue reading Special Guest Poster

Week In Geek 5/2/16

Geeklings, I. Am. Tired. While you were all watching Game of Thrones (no spoilers as I have yet to watch it and will cut the person who chooses to spoil) I was at Madison Square Garden having my face rocked off by Pearl Jam. Three of the best hours in life my friends. I come to you going on three hours of sleep, with a raspy voice, … Continue reading Week In Geek 5/2/16

Week In Geek 4/11/16

It’s a brand new week which means there are brand new things to get excited about! What better way to kick off a Monday than with the top things I’m geeking out about? That’s right Geeklings, there is no better way. Unless you count having a three day weekend plus the inclusion of the Week In Geek because, yeah, that would be better. Let’s get things rolling, and … Continue reading Week In Geek 4/11/16

The Weekend

We did it Geeklings! We survived! It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us (thank the gods). Now we have to ask ourselves what to do with all this free time. I for one have one of those rare weekends where I don’t have to work at all so I’m going to try and squeeze in a whole lot of geeky behavior. Like what? Well … Continue reading The Weekend