Week In Geek 4/11/16

It’s a brand new week which means there are brand new things to get excited about! What better way to kick off a Monday than with the top things I’m geeking out about? That’s right Geeklings, there is no better way. Unless you count having a three day weekend plus the inclusion of the Week In Geek because, yeah, that would be better. Let’s get things rolling, and brace yourself because today is very trailer heavy.

1. New Suicide Squad trailer– Ugggggggh I really can’t take it with this movie. Last night was the MTV Movie Awards, and apparently people still watch that, which translated into trailer heaven for me. Tons of great trailers dropped last night but none more exciting than the second full (third actual) trailer to Suicide Squad. I’ve been pretty pumped for this movie since the rock out with Queen trailer, but this one has pretty much sealed the deal. Is it August yet? Suicide Squad is doing everything right that BvS got wrong. The trailers continue to further entice and haven’t given away the farm. I still have no idea how the Joker factors into this or what the hell the team is fighting in that busted out city. And I don’t need to know until August. My interest levels are spiking high (to the point where it’s the number two movie for my summer movie list…Civil War is number one. Duh), and I’m starting to believe that Suicide Squad could be the DC equivalent to Guardians of the Galaxy (if the trailers are any indication then it might even compete in the soundtrack department).

Rumors are circulating about re-shoots being done to add more humor to the film, something BvS was seriously lacking, but I don’t see the need thus far. All the trailers have hinted at humor and it looks like the characters will be taking center stage opposed to just the action. I’m a big fan of David Ayers work so everything about this looks great on paper. Plus according to IMDB Affleck will be back to wear the cape and the cowl. And while I’m not fully crazy about the appearance of the Joker (lose the tats) I feel that Jared Leto is going to do a pretty stellar job. He has massive shoes to fill though. This is one DC film that I can’t wait to watch.


orphan-black-season-four-poster2. Orphan Black season 4- I can’t believe this show is already entering it’s fourth season, it seems like yesterday where I was living in a shitty basement apartment binge watching the first season to distract me from my uber crappy living situation. Three seasons in and Orphan Black continues to be one of my favorite things on a television screen.  A large part of that has to do with the performance(s) of Tatiana Maslany but I’m also a big fan of the bigger conspiracy at play. From what I’ve read this season is taking the show back to its roots (total season one feels) and I think that could be one of the best directions for the show to go. Season one was all types of awesome, and I won’t say that the show has failed to recreate that magic, I will say that  maybe bringing the show back to its basics wouldn’t be a terrible thing. Maybe take this season and focus on one major story. I have faith and looking forward to all the Tatiana Maslany to fill my TV screen (wow, talk about unintentional dirtiness. Eeeep)

3. New Game of Thrones season 6 Trailer- While last night dumped a plethora of movie trailers on my FaceySpace feeds, it was this afternoon that introduced me to the new Game of Thrones trailer. I begrudgingly admit that this season looks all types of awesome (crazy town banana pants if you will). I say begrudgingly only because of the lack of book to compare it too but I’m willing to set that aside (for now) and focus on what’s ahead in season six, and based off this trailer there are enough book differences to keep me at ease that the story won’t be spoiled in novel form. But focusing on this trailer the dragons are getting huge, no mention of Jon Snow (and doesn’t it seem that HBO is really beating us over the head with this one?), Sansa out on a horse?, Jamie leading a revolt against the church, and more Tyrion than the previous trailer. Only a couple of more weeks before this goes live. I’m ready. For better or worse… I’m ready (#longlivejonsnow) Side Note: Unbeknownst to me that there would be a new trailer today I selected my “North Never Forgets” as my secret undershirt today.


4. New Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them trailer- 2016 is really shaping up to be a great year for Harry Potter fans. We have an eighth book coming out in July (I know it’s a play but it’s still a new Harry Potter story which is enough to get excited about), and also Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie, which will be the first Harry Potter spin-off focusing on magical schools in America. How could that possibly go wrong? The newest trailer (also released last night) looks like a lot of fun and seems to capture some of that Harry Potter magic (for lack of a better word) as well as being something completely different. Plus JK Rowling wrote the screenplay so I think we’re in good hands here.


There you have it Geeklings. I know we usually do five things but I honestly couldn’t think of a fifth and didn’t want to throw in a filler. I hope your weeks are filled with geeky goodness and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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