The Day After the 100th Post

Twas the day after the 100th post and all through the web

Not one solid geeky thought ran through my head

My brain was a flutter with this and with that

That I tried to cover it up with my sweet Star Wars hat

I turned to my website to write something down

But my head was a swimming which turned my face into a frown

I wish there was a post to be had about Harry Potter’s fifth book

Cause dealing with Harry all my patience it’s done took

I tried to watch Fear the Walking Dead to fill the zombie gap

But it doesn’t draw my interest so quickly I did tap

I have comics and books and pop vinyls too

Yet as I tried to write not one of them would do

So instead I wrote this catchy poem for your eyes

Instead of trying to write a post full of lies

I’ll return tomorrow with our Week In Geek

Which provides the cool things that your eyes do seek

So goodnight my Geeklings away I shall fly

As you finish this post from that geeky guy…



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