The 100th Post

Geeklings…today is a momentous day for I Am Geek. Today we have reached (insert drum roll here) our 100th post!!! (insert celebration noises)


Can you believe it? If we were a TV show we would be eligible for syndication, and that’s where all the money is. It seems like yesterday was December and I was writing about the Force Awakens and all my favorite geeky things. Flash-forward to today and I just wrote a post about Star Wars yesterday and I’m still writing about all my favorite geeky things…I guess not a whole lot has changed, but that’s not entirely true. As a matter of fact I Am Geek has ushered in a number of changes for me, and for each one I’ve been grateful.

This isn’t my first foray with blogging; I’ve actually started two other blogs and watched them both fizzle out into interweb obscurity. The first I called A Year of Shuffling and to this day I still love the premise. I would take my ipod (still rocking that classic with the wheel, wrapped in a Dharma cover) every morning hit shuffle and then write about the song that played. Truth be told it was a fun project that made it for about a year and a half. The problem was sometimes I would get songs from soundtrack scores or things I didn’t even know were lurking in my ipod (*ahem* yes I did I have no shame *ahem*) and had to write about them. Granted the guilty pleasure songs were always humorous reads, but sometimes there just wasn’t enough substance and eventually the plan fell apart. But I did enjoy the idea of writing for an audience so I didn’t shelve the idea of blogging.

image1I allowed some time to pass which is the polite way of saying; my life totally changed and got uprooted into a new direction, before I picked up the whole blog thing again. I figured the interwebs had missed drowning my voice in the endless sea of other voices. So I started another blog which I very cleverly called, A Man, His Cat, and Pop Culture. While the title is a bit of a mouth full (I still hope to write an autobiography with some version of that title) it became a fun outlet for me to tell stories about pop culture whilst including stories about my cat. Not every story had a mention of him, but a healthy amount. Pop culture is such a large part of my life (who would’ve guessed that, right?), as a matter of fact Hudson the Cat gets his name from the character in Aliens so this blog seemed like a no brainer. The problem here was there was no real map for the site and I wrote sporadically, and it again fizzled out. Sometimes it’s tough to be a single guy with a cat, and it’s made tougher when friends point out it’s weird that you write a blog about him. I stand by the fact that A Man, His Cat, and Pop Culture was a blog about me and not strictly a cat blog, I just happened to work stories in. The long and the short of it though is the blog never took off and just got swallowed by the abyss that is the interwebs.

When my not a cat blog/cat blog faded from every day thought I pretty much stopped blogging. I did keep writing though, at a sporadic rate, but I was still writing. Mostly fiction this time. That writing even cumulated in the self-publishing of my first short story to Amazon (which you can find here and you should totally read) which is like the biggest achievement I’ve ever reached. Words can’t describe how proud of that story I am. Any way I continued writing fiction (which I think I have a knack for) starting stories (I have a fifty page time travel story that’s part of a bigger narrative), outlining stories (vampires in the snow.. no it’s not 30 Days of Night. It’s better), and kept my head swimming in the land of fictional stories. Then I hit a wall on my time travel story, and I hit that wall pretty hard. Up until that point I was writing just about every day and got into a great rhythm and then just…stopped. Nothing. No writing of any kind. No fiction. No blogging. Nothing.

And that was depressing. I love writing and just didn’t have the energy to do it, and then I’d get annoyed with myself for not writing and say I was  going to write, and then after a few sentences…nothing. It became a vicious cycle that was sort of a discouraging, sadness, laziness, tornado that would just rip through my mind a few times a day. I actually have two post-it notes on the wall of my apartment that say “Did You Write Today” or “No, I Suck”and the check mark was under the no column for way too long. But I still couldn’t dig myself out of the routine of not writing.

Then I read Felicia Day’s book (hiiiiiiii Felicia!!!) and things started to change for me. Why couldn’t I write? What was holding me back? I had already published a short story that I thought was pretty good, and had written fifty pages of what could be my first novel, which in turn was some of my best writing, and I realized something. The only thing holding me back was me. I was the road block. I was the problem. And that needed to change. So I did the one thing that I thought would get me writing on a consistent basis again. I started a blog.

But I didn’t jump into it because I wanted to make sure I was going to give it my all and write every day. I didn’t want another blog to fall flat on its face. I thought of a blog title (spoiler alert this is the one that won), and a subject. I love being a geek and it’s one of my favorite parts of myself, and since my divorce/other life changing events it’s really helped me find myself. I find solace in who I am and what I’ve become so writing about geeky things (comics, TV shows, movies, general pop culture) was an easy choice. Then I talked to my friend Jen (friend Jen not sister Jen, also hiiiiii Jens!!!) about the blog and she designed the awesome logo that you guys see every time you come to the page. I had a subject, I had a title, and I had a bitchin’ logo, and the rest has been history pretty much.

I Am Geek is my most successful blog for a number of reasons, and it’s not just page viewings. I write pretty much every day now. Actually I’m on a six day a week writing schedule. And I know out of the 100 posts on this site some of them have been duds, but I still wrote something that day. There are words on a screen documenting my attempt to write, and that’s more than I could ask for. I Am Geek has gotten me a writing gig for an actual website (hiiiiiii Fan Fest) and I can’t begin to describe how awesome that’s been. I Am Geek and Fan Fest have made me believe that maybe I could turn these geeky qualities and make a career out of them. Turn my geekiness into something that earns me adult dollars #thatsthedream. They always say to do what you love and honest to God truth, I love doing this. I love this little blog and Fan Fest, and am constantly thinking about ways to contribute to both.

I still have big hopes for I Am Geek though. Eventually I want to do the podcast and expand into a website with other writers. Get a team of geeks to write with me and make I Am Geek my Nerdist like empire. We’re getting there. I said to myself that I wanted to make sure I could maintain a consistent writing schedule before thinking about expansion, and I’d say 100 posts is pretty consistent. Before I do that though, I want to try a way to write my geeky thoughts here and balance a writing schedule where I can create some fiction. I. Love. Telling. Stories. And I want to learn how to maintain both loves before I think about fully expanding.

With all that being said I just want to thank you, my Geeklings. Your support and encouragement in the site (and me) has really meant a great deal, and I’m glad you guys are enjoying the ramblings of an out of the closet geek. Big things in the future, this is just the start of something and I’m glad you all are here for the ride.


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