The Proposed Summer of DC

*originally published on Fan Fest but I liked it so much I wanted to share it here too* When you think about comic books there are two factions that immediately jump to mind. There’s DC and there’s Marvel. Yes, as a comic book fan I’m perfectly aware that places like Image and Dark Horse are producing stellar comics, but I’m a comic book guy,  I … Continue reading The Proposed Summer of DC

Week In Geek 4/11/16

It’s a brand new week which means there are brand new things to get excited about! What better way to kick off a Monday than with the top things I’m geeking out about? That’s right Geeklings, there is no better way. Unless you count having a three day weekend plus the inclusion of the Week In Geek because, yeah, that would be better. Let’s get things rolling, and … Continue reading Week In Geek 4/11/16

Week In Geek 3/21/16

Geeklings! What is going on?! Happy Monday to you all. We have got ourselves a week filled with wonderful, geek like things so what do you say we hop right into this bad boy? 1. Batman vs. Superman– It’s finally here. The release of Batman vs Superman. Time to see how much of a shit show this movie is going to be. I’m still not holding high … Continue reading Week In Geek 3/21/16

Does the World Need an “R” Rated BvS?

Whilst traveling through the interwebs today I came across some interesting news. It appears that the DVD release of Batman vs. Superman will include an “R” rated version of the film. Immediately upon seeing this I could feel my head shaking before my neck got the message. My first reaction was to think who could that possibly be for, and after taking some time to think about … Continue reading Does the World Need an “R” Rated BvS?

Final Batman vs Superman Trailer

When I went on FaceySpace yesterday and saw that there was yet another trailer for Batman vs Superman I let out a groan. I was less than pleased with the last one that was released. All the excitement I had been building for the movie seemed to vanish. Unlike most people my biggest concern for this movie wasn’t Affleck as Batman, I may be in the minority … Continue reading Final Batman vs Superman Trailer