Crisis On Infinite Earths- Was [SPOILER’S] Death… Kinda Lame?

After a year of waiting, the CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths has finally arrived and things have started off with a bang. In the opening minutes of the first episode, of five, we caught glimpses to Tim Burton’s Batman, DC Universe’s Titans (big surprise here), and a hysterical run-in with Robin from the Adam West Batman days. It was clear that Crisis is here not … Continue reading Crisis On Infinite Earths- Was [SPOILER’S] Death… Kinda Lame?

What Crisis On Infinite Earths Means For the Arrowverse

This year’s CW Arrowverse crossover gave us a lot to get excited about. For starters, we finally got our first look at Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, and she kicked alllllll types of butt. Not only was Gotham City mentioned but also visited as the gang battled the crazies over in Arkham Asylum which was full of Batman easter eggs including Bane’s mask, Scarecrow’s terror serum, and … Continue reading What Crisis On Infinite Earths Means For the Arrowverse

Is the Arrowverse Jumping the Shark With Batwoman?

Last year was not a good year for the Arrowverse. Outside of Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow (which I heard was stellar), it was kind of a down year for everyone’s favorite CW superheroes. The Flash focused too hard on being light and funny that it kind of lost track of what made the show great. The introduction of Elastic Man didn’t help either as he single-handedly became the worst part of … Continue reading Is the Arrowverse Jumping the Shark With Batwoman?

Does the Flash Have A Problem?

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. For starters, it’s not Monday. That alone is a win. Tuesdays though, Tuesdays are The Flash night. My sister, the very same who just started reading comic books, comes over and we watch the show together and make commentary or theories while we enjoy ourselves some superhero type hijinks. Wednesday morning is usually followed by talking to … Continue reading Does the Flash Have A Problem?

The Five Best Take Aways From the Heroes vs. Aliens Crossover

Geeklings, I’m kind of at a loss today. I’ve spent the last four nights of this week hanging out with my sister watching the CW mega super hero crossover, Heroes vs. Aliens, and tonight there’s nothing to watch. It’s crazy how accustomed I got to four glorious nights of super hero goodness. I think I might be going through withdrawals. I suppose I could always … Continue reading The Five Best Take Aways From the Heroes vs. Aliens Crossover

Week In Geek 4/18/16

Hello Geeklings! Good news, I’m feeling a little more full of energy which is good because today is our coveted Week In Geek column. Please, please try and contain your excitement. Ah what the hell, go ahead and freak out a little. Feel better don’t you? Yeah, me too. What do you say we do this thing now? 1. Game of Thrones season six- Well this was the obvious … Continue reading Week In Geek 4/18/16

Week In Geek 3/28/16

It’s Monday and some think it’s the worst day of the week, but over here at I Am Geek we know that’s not true, don’t we? Monday means we get to talk about the things we’re most excited about in the upcoming week. And fellow Geeklings this is a big big big week. Excitement levels are high so let’s get cracking, shall we? 1. Supergirl/Flash crossover– If we’re going to … Continue reading Week In Geek 3/28/16

Week In Geek 3/21/16

Geeklings! What is going on?! Happy Monday to you all. We have got ourselves a week filled with wonderful, geek like things so what do you say we hop right into this bad boy? 1. Batman vs. Superman– It’s finally here. The release of Batman vs Superman. Time to see how much of a shit show this movie is going to be. I’m still not holding high … Continue reading Week In Geek 3/21/16

Coloring Books

Today has been a good day fellow Geeklings. My first post to Fan Fest was posted (a review for episode three of Better Call Saul that you can check out here) and I’ve already written my second to either be posted later tonight or tomorrow. Needless to say I’ve got a pretty good “high on life” buzz going on right now, and what better way to … Continue reading Coloring Books