The Institute: Book Review

In a career that spans over five decades, Stephen King has been terrifying his readers. He has created some of the most nefarious characters in literature, from the demonic clown of It to the psychotic nurse in Misery. He has been described by many as the “King of Horror”, but to his most loyal readers (Constant Readers) that name is a gross misconception. The Institute, … Continue reading The Institute: Book Review

Doctor Sleep Movie Review


Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining has been regarded as one of the greatest horror films of all-time. Loosely based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Kubrick’s vision focused more on the psychological thrills of the story, challenging the viewers to question what they saw was real or illusion. The movie as an adaptation has been vehemently opposed by fans of the book, however, the film on its own is nothing short of a directorial masterpiece.

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5 Stephen King Books You NEED To Read

I figured with the way this Monday has gone that I would postpone the Week In Geek until tomorrow. It’s been a rough day with Las Vegas and Tom Petty. Let’s all take the night to kind of re-group and we’ll be back here tomorrow with a new Week In Geek. In the meantime here’s a piece I wrote for Fan Fest. Everyone keep their … Continue reading 5 Stephen King Books You NEED To Read

My Top Five Stephen King Movies

I think it was last week where I was floating through the interwebs, like I often do, and discovered that Nerdist had posted a column breaking down the best Stephen King movies of all time. My immediate thought was, “Oooooh what fun” followed by “I’m not going to read that”. I know, such conflicting thoughts in such rapid succession. I didn’t read the column because … Continue reading My Top Five Stephen King Movies

Things That Ruined My Life Today…

… that is all. This ruined my life in the most glorious way possible. How about you? Actually, no that’s not all all. I’m debating whether or not to re-read the book before the movie comes out. I’m pretty sure it’ll take me a month to read because it’s massive. What do you guys think? Should I re-read it and prep for the film but … Continue reading Things That Ruined My Life Today…

First Dark Tower Trailer Doesn’t Ruin My Life

Over the weekend I saw an article online that said the first trailer to The Dark Tower movie could possibly be in front of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and I immediately got nervous. Like super nervous where my hands started sweating a little and my chest tightened. Dramatic? Sure. Truthful? For the most part. There was nothing I wanted less than the Dark Tower trailer to lead into Guardians for … Continue reading First Dark Tower Trailer Doesn’t Ruin My Life

No Comics Just the It Trailer

Geeklings, I interrupt our regularly scheduled Today In Awesome Comic Book Images column because something happened today. Something exciting and terrifying and possibly life ruining and massive. Just massive. And I felt this would be no geeky site if I let this one slip through the cracks. Geeklings, the first trailer of the new It film dropped today and it was everything. Seriously, everything. I haven’t been able to shake this … Continue reading No Comics Just the It Trailer

Balloons In the Dinning Room

I figured with today being new Stephen King book day why not try and dedicate another day to Uncle Stevie, here at I Am Geek. While I’m still putting my time in with The Knife of Never Letting Go, a book that was supposed to be a placeholder that I’m actually really enjoying, it looks like End of Watch won’t be started to this weekend or early next week. I’m … Continue reading Balloons In the Dinning Room