A Very Stephen King Birthday

I’m still sick. I’m in that interesting place where you body is telling you it’s getting better by feeling even more run down than it did when you were sick sick. “Sick sick” is another medical term that more or less means “the time when you were sick.” You guys really need to get a hold of my medical journal. This thing is on a whole different level.

All of that is besides the point, unlike yesterday I dragged myself out of bed and to work and I instantly regretted my decision. I very rarely call out sick to begin with and the idea of calling out two days in a row seemed kind of lame, especially when I know I could be working at some capacity, but staying at home with Hudson the Cat immediately sounded better than sitting at my desk wishing to die. Am I being a little dramatic? I’m sure I am, but I really just don’t feel well. You’ve spent a little less than a year and a half with me here, you have to know by now that I’m a baby who just wants to read comic books and watch Netflix when he’s sick. For those of you who are concerned fear not, I finished a full day of work, but man did I want to be home.

What does one do when they’re this sick and “blegh” (see yesterday’s Week In Geek for medical definition)? The only thing they can do, look for sweet relief and distraction any where they can find it. Whether that’s conversation with the adorable creature, reading theories about how The Watchmen could connect to the DC Universe on IGN (I couldn’t find the link, sorry. It was a really good read though), think about reading comics, think about writing my Better Call Saul column for Fan Fest, wishing I had a PS4 so I could play Injustice 2 (if anyone would like to donate one by all means), and search social media for news. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Kevin, did you work at all”, and the answer is yes of course. These are just thoughts that kind of float around my sick sludge mind until something magical happened.

Like legit magical.

Image result for you have failed this city gifI forgot to mention in the Week In Geek that today is new Stephen King book day, the novella Gwendy’s Button Box was released today, because I thought it was next week. Again I have failed the Week In Geek. I’m blaming that on being sick. Moving on, this is the first of two Stephen King books this year with the later arriving on my birthday which could very well lead to the coolest thing in the history of coolest things. Which I discovered when I read the news today (oh, boy… Beatles reference) and suddenly everything changed.

Stephen King’s next book, Sleeping Beauties, which was co-written with his son Owen will arrive on my birthday. Yes, we covered that but that’s not everything. With this book Uncle Stevie is going on a book tour and his first stop is NYC on… you guessed it, my freakin’ birthday! Immediately I was filled with a sense of glee like fear, after I called my assistant manager and told her I needed the day off. Needed. Then things started to settle in, I have the potential to meet Stephen King. On my birthday. And I’m sort of freakin’ out about it. As far as my heroes who aren’t family list goes, Uncle Stevie is number one. I can’t think of someone who has had a bigger impression on me creatively then Stephen King, and I have this opportunity to shake his hand and say thank you. I just hope I don’t openly sob and forget how to talk. Is it too much to ask for a picture too?! I think I want to ask for a picture… my palms are sweating.

Book Dates

On top of all this I have to start pondering what shirt I’m going to wear. Almost on instinct I started leaning towards my “Losers Club” shirt but also have my “Stephen King Kids Club” shirt that would be a really sweet choice. Then I start to think some more and I have a couple of Dark Tower shirts I could wear… do I show him my “Ka” tattoo? I don’t want to be be that guy. Maybe I’ll mention it. If I can talk. Clearly you can see this is having some sort of impact on how my brain works. I can almost guarantee that I will think about this possible encounter at least once a day until my birthday. Which will result in me waking up at 4:45 in the morning, hoping on a train, and camping out in the city until it’s time for the signing. I’m just going to bring Gandalf the Kindle and my Fancy Comic Book Reader and sit out there and read, geek out with other Constant Readers, and wait, and wait, and wait… you get the point. I’m hoping that someone goes with me (invites have been extended fear not) to help keep me in check because I’m going to be a big, messy, ball of emotions.

Not to mention I had the opportunity to go to one of Uncle Stevie’s book signings when his book Revival came out but I decided not too. I actually talked myself out of it because I didn’t want to go into the city that day. I’ve always sort of regretted that and it seems like the world is giving me a second chance. On my birthday. To meet one of my heroes. How does one pass that up? The answer is you don’t. I’m half tempted to start camping out in the city now. This has the potential to be the best birthday ever… I can’t.

sleeping beauties

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