Week In Geek- Stephen King News For Days and A Season Finale

We now return you to the Week In Geek at its regularly scheduled time and location. There was much rejoicing and less confusion. Was there any confusion actually? Maybe mild disappointment? Mild of course.

Geeklings, how we doing out there? Happy Monday to you all (blegh) and I hope that this week is finding you all types of okay. Me? Well, I’m currently sitting on my birthday eve (that’s right it’s tomorrow baaaaaaaaaaby) and feeling all sorts of good. Why you ask? Well let’s break down this week and I’ll show you why.

sleeping beauties 21. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King- Oh happiest of happy birthdays when a new Stephen King book just so happens to be released on the day you were born. It almost seems like the universe itself is giving you a massive present. Here the universe says, enjoy the words of your favorite author. Thank you universe, I surely shall do that. First thing I’m doing tomorrow is downloading this sucker. While my original plan for my birthday was a meet and greet with Uncle Stevie himself (ended up not being what I thought it would be) spending time in a new story of his is just as good. And what is this novel about? Well, from what I gather is women all over the world begin to fall asleep and aren’t waking up, or turning savage if they are, and the world is run by men. The novel looks to explore the importance of the lack of women and just what happens when men are left in charge. It kind of has a reverse Y the Last Man vibe to it which makes it even more exciting. Let’s do this!

2. Gerald’s Game– I wouldn’t count this as my favorite Stephen King book but it certainly contained one of the scariest moment in any of his books. I can’t really get into it because it’ll spoil the movie that is coming out on Netflix this Friday, but know it made me scared to walk to my car alone. 2017 the year of Stephen King continues. Gerald’s Game is a story about a failing marriage and a couple who try to save it through a more “dangerous” sex life. Except things go too far and someone ends up handcuffed to a bed while the other is dead… then things get crazy. Looking forward to checking this out on Friday. Especially since it’s directed by Mike Flanagan who directed Hush and Occulus.

3. 1922– Netflix has seemingly bought all in on Stephen King stories as they released a trailer to 1922, a King novella, over the weekend. 1922 comes from a collection of novella’s called Full Dark, No Stars, and it happens to be a collection I haven’t jumped into yet. That looks to change after watching this trailer. We’ve got farm life, a family haunted by murders that it appears they committed, the nightmare fuel that is corn (ugh), and possible zombies… yeah, of course, I’ll be there for that. Duh Netflix, duh.

Image result for it 24. It 2 Release in 2019- The sequel to It looks to have a 2019 release date and I am all types of alright with that. Let the casting of the adult Loser’s begin!

Image result for rick and morty5. Rick and Morty season three finale- Ugh, can you believe that season three is already over? It seems that Rick and Morty just came back to us. On top of that, writing reviews over at Fan Fest (like this one right here) has been one of the most satisfying writing experiences yet. Season three has been dark as promised and brought about some of the shows best episodes filled with depth, humor, and great philosophical questions. I plan on binge watching episodes all week leading up to the finale. Here’s hoping that we get some closure with some open story threads like Evil Morty or Phoenix Person.

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