Amazon’s Mega Marvel Digital Comic Sale

Today I was on the interwebs just minding my own business, which is a total lie, who goes on the interwebs to mind their own business? Seems like people who do that don’t really understand what the interwebs are. So like I was saying, I was on the interwebs minding my own business when a headline grabs my attention. I was just trying to look up some comic book news and BOOM this headline comes across and changes my whole day.

Amazon, you may know them as the online company that sells everything to everyone. If you don’t then you might want to familiarize yourself with it. I promise you, it’s quite handy. Well, this particular headline informed me that Amazon is having another blowout digital graphic novel say for Marvel comics. I immediately headed over to the ‘zon to check it out, and holy crap they were not lying.

Let me put it this way, if you like Marvel comics and have been thinking about doing some back reading without breaking your wallet then this is the sale for you. Graphic novels are seriously being sold for less than regular monthly issues. For example, the newest issue of Amazing Spider-Man goes for $3.99 on the regular, but if you go to Amazon (right now) you can buy two full Amazing Spider-Man graphic novels, which is probably about twelve issues, for $4.19. Yeah, it’s that kind of sale.

Immediately I went to my wish lists, because I have wish lists for everything spanning pop vinyls to books, and looked at what digital graphic novels I’ve been waiting for. Let me tell you Geeklings, I cleaned up. I bought one volume 3 of the original Jessica Jones run, two volumes of Darth Vader comics, and volume four of Star Wars all for less than ten bucks.

This sale is bonkers!

I actually needed to restrain myself from going full tilt boogie here as it was going to turn into buying graphic novels for the sake of buying graphic novels. But I’m keeping my eye on this sale and hopefully it’s still around next week (after payday) so I can stock up on a couple of more books.

For those of you who are looking to jump into some Marvel books now is the chance. Amazon is practically giving them away. You can spend fifteen bucks and walk away with a mass collection of books. If you’re looking for some suggestions then allow me to help. Here are five books that you can get on the cheap and need to add to your “have read” comics list. You can thank me later.

  1. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye
  2. Tom King’s The Vision
  3. Mark Millar’s Civil War
  4. Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk
  5. Brian Michael Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man run from Parker to Miles Morales

Happy shopping Geeklings!

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