Week In Geek- Alien Covenant, The Button Actually Ends, Doomsday Clock, and Another X-Men TV Show

Geeklings, I did not go into work today. I’ve been a bit under the weather all weekend and needed the day to kind of reset my body. Not sure if it worked according to plan as I still feel rather drained with an overall feeling of “blegh”. That is an actual medical term that is defined as “overall feelings similar to a bag of ass”. If you were to look in any medical journal you would see it there with a very colorful, very vivid diagram. Really intense stuff.

While I’m not sure if I fully recovered I can’t deny that I got a lot of resting done. I spent the majority of my day in my bed either sleeping, reading, or catching up on comic books (man, am I so behind). I know that “catching up on comic books” is the same thing as reading but I really just wanted to highlight the fact that I was reading comics as well. Pretty much think I’m caught up on all my favorites (forgot how much I loved Miles Morales’s Spider-Man book). On top of that I did watch last weeks Arrow though which I found enjoyable (love the call backs to the earlier seasons in the flashbacks) and the first episode of Iron Fist which I found to be a bit slow. All and all a very restful day.

I would have written this column earlier but you know #lazy #fingersweretooheavytomove #hashtag But there is plenty of good stuff to be broken down so let’s get to it so I can continue to be a couch slug for the rest of the night.

Image result for alien covenant1. Alien:Covenant- Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we first learned about this movie through the release of that super creepy, super awesome movie poster? Now this Friday the film will become a reality. As a life long Alien fan I’m very much looking forward to this, but as someone who found Prometheus to be “meh”, I’m not so sure. Yet I felt hopeful and found myself digging everything. That first trailer on Christmas seemed to be perfect and captured all the creepy I wanted from an Alien movie, but that lastest trailer… I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tense and looks like it’s going to be scary but I’m not sold on the look of the xenomorph itself. There were times were it looked super CGI’ed and I immediately flashed back to Alien 3 (if you recall, that thing looks terrible). Here’s hoping I’m wrong though. I’m holding out hope. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually watched a new/good Alien movie, and one has to believe that Ridley Scott can deliver. If nothing else this one has facehuggers… that’s pretty cool.

Image result for the flash 222. “The Button” Actually Concludes this week- If you recall earlier this week I admitted to making a mistake when typing up the Week In Geek. At the very bottom of that column I also admitted that I had the release date wrong for the conclusion of DC Comics “The Button” crossover. That’s right, two mistakes in one column. D’oh! Needless to say the crossover will end this week for sure, and because I’m feeling “blegh” I have included last weeks breakdown… with a new ending.

Over the last three weeks DC Comics has been trying to answer some of the questions that were raised a year ago in DC Rebirth #1. You know, that whole Dr. Manhattan is responsible for stealing time away from the DC Universe thing that was revealed. Well, we are three issues in and the answers seem a bit vague (or non existent) but the story telling has been compelling. This crossover has spanned the Flash and Batman books and has really packed some emotional depth. The Flashpoint universe has been resurrected, seeming like the catalyst for Dr. Manhattan to make his move,  and brought about some serious feels moments between our Batman and the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne). Like for real feels. This week will see the crossover conclude on the pages of The Flash and it appears, at least based on the end of the last issue, that maybe, just maybe, we could get our first encounter with Dr. Manhattan. That would make everything worth it, and also brings us right to our number three spot…

doomsday clock3. Doomsday Clock- DC announced today the next part of their Watchmen/Rebirth/DC Universe crossover and it’s coming out in November penned by Geoff Johns, the man who started this whole thing. I think this is what we’ve been waiting for. The above “Button” crossover has just been the appetizer and I fully expect this final issue to open the door to what comes next. There was a bit of disappointment seeing that Superman was going to be the central figure here, unlike our good friend Eric Landro, I am not the biggest Superman fan in the world, but it would make sense based on the current story lines within his book (does Mr. Oz seem familiar to anyone else?). As a matter of fact there seems to be a lot of Watchmen type things happening in Supes book, and I can get on board with this. I really hope “The Button” ends with the first real sighting of Dr. Manhattan and a battle against Superman could be interesting. Just shut up and take my money already!

4. The Gifted– We once lived in a world where there were no X-Men television shows. Well, we’re about to live in a world where there are now two. That’s right, the outstanding Legion is about to be joined by Fox’s The Gifted. Where as Legion had more vague ties to the X-Men universe, and it worked ultra well, it looks like The Gifted is going to be more directly connected which is fine with me. The trailer actually mentions the Brotherhood and the X-Men by name which is way more than Legion has done. On top of all this goodness, Bryan Singer is attached to direct and since he has been a mainstay in the X-Men movie franchise, I fully expect him to kick things off on the right foot. I’m willing to forgive him for X-Men: Apocalypse especially if it gives me another super hero show to watch.

5. Injustice 2– In this years continued pursuit to get me to purchase a PS4, tomorrow will see the release of Injustice 2 and I’m already bummed that I can’t play this game yet. I really enjoyed the first Injustice game and a lot of that was due to the prequel comic setting the scene so well. The Injustice comic series has been an excellent/dark/funny read, welcome back Tom Taylor, and gives me the type of Superman story I love. When he’s the villain. All the trailers for Injustice 2 have looked stellar and the cast of characters keeps expanding into all types of awesomeness. I actually acquaint the Injustice series for really expanding the DC universe to me. Anyone feel like giving me a PS4? I’ll be your best friend.

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