When Mistakes Are Made

Geeklings, not all of us are perfect. That’s one of the harsh realities we don’t seem to figure out until we reach the age of… let’s say seventeen. Or maybe it’s something that’s discovered after the first time you have sex? I hear you over there and no, you were not a sexual beast your first time. It’s okay though. We’re not meant to be perfect. It would be rather boring if we were. The world has this really harsh and not so subtle way of introducing us to the idea that we’re going to make mistakes. Chances are we’re going to make them a lot. That’s how we learn. Or in the case of some people, not learn at all. Like I said, we’re not perfect.

I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking, “where is he going with this? Shouldn’t he be bragging about how perfect he is?”, and the obvious answer is I should be. Yet, I stand here a humbled man. I started I Am Geek back in December of 2015 and Monday May 8, 2017 was the first mistake I’ve ever made on this site (*cough cough*). I know, I know, that’s quite the run but I’m willing to come clean when mistakes are made. How else will we build upon our relationship here?

Every Monday I do my Week In Geek column where I break down all the things I’m excited about and things that maybe you should be excited about too. I use my powers of persuasion to get you all, “oooooooooh” over the things I want to pimp. It’s the power of the written word and flashy images. Each Monday goes the same way, I usually have one or two things in mind for the column and then kind of send out feelers towards the interwebs to remind me of things I may have forgotten. I had been writing the list down but I forgot to this week. And last week. It happens! I’m a busy guy.

It was the lack of writing things down that lead me to the first mistake in I Am Geek’s history. If you remember waaaaaaay back of January of last year, I professed my love for season one of Master of None. Like pretty hardcore. At the time I believed that Master of None was geared towards my age demographic (that’s right I’m slightly old but still young) and I hadn’t really experienced a television story that was willing to explore life after your twenties. And the subject matter hit close to home and brought tons of laughter along with the feels. I fell in love with this show, and then it was gone. And I had to wait. And wait. And wait some more.

master of none season 2

But the wait is finally over my friends. Season two of Master of None hits Netflix on Friday and I couldn’t be more excited to return to this story and these characters. Seriously, I’ve been waiting over a year for an Arnold sized hug. There is tons of fallout to deal with stemming off of the season finale, and I love knowing that Aziz Ansari spent some time in Italy to further life experiences and fuel himself creatively for season two. That was one of the best parts of the first season as the stories that were being told all came from actual life events (I’m sure literary license was used but you know what I mean). I appreciated Aziz’s desire to tell real and authentic stories and his trip to Italy proves how seriously he takes his craft.

Most of all though I’m anxiously awaiting finding a comedy that understands the phase of life I’m in. That’s what I found most comforting about season one. Those jokes and experiences were easy to relate to because I’ve been living a similar life since I entered my thirties. Twenty year olds get all the movie and television coverage because it’s a sexy age, I get it. I was twenty once too. But it’s time for us thirty year olds to get in on the action because things change when you don’t want to go to the club every night or actually want to settle down or lose something/someone valuable. Master of None was not afraid to explore those details and it presented something rooted in reality to it’s viewer.

Plus on top of all that, I’m in a different space now then I was back in January 2016. I’ve grown. I’ve experienced new things. I have new stories and new life passions as well as new experiences and perspectives. On top of that, I have someone I’m excited to watch this show with. Fun fact, when I first started spending time with the adorable creature this was one of the shows I suggested she watch, and she watched it all during a snow day. Was pretty impressed and now we get to watch this together which is pretty cool (I know it sounds cheesy but I don’t care). When I first took on Master of None it was just me. Well, Jen and Paul watched it too but we didn’t watch together. We conversed about it but didn’t experience together. They’ve been together a long time and I think the both of them forget what it’s like to be single so I know they took the subject material differently then I did. That shit spoke to me on a very real and genuine level. With the adorable creature I’m looking forward to the discussions that can stem off of these episodes. If season one of Master of None did anything it was show me that there are others out there who are experiencing their thirties in a similar way, and that life doesn’t stop because your twenties end. Not sure if I’m tying this together correctly but I get to watch a television show geared to my age demographic with a lady I’ve grown rather fond of. That’s pretty cool and is the complete opposite way of how I watched season one. There I did it. Tied together quite smoothly.

I’m sorry I left it off the Week In Geek Monday because all the drafts in my head had it at the number one spot. Then I started thinking of other things and lost track and suddenly the Wonder Woman trailer is there and I make no mention of the show. That’s on me. So please allow me to apologize openly for it’s omission and allow me to reward you with the trailer for season two. I’m sure once I wrap watching this thing I’ll be back with a review. Oooooooh I think it’ll be the first show I review twice for the site. How exciting is that?! Shows that time is moving on and the site is moving with it! Sorry, a self congratulations moment. It’s my site though and I’ll do that if I please.

Here’s to another year and a half with no errors.

Ugh, I just watched this again. I can’t wait for this. It looks so good. I failed you Week In Geek. I failed you.

… also, if I’m being totally honest, I just discovered that part four of “The Button” crossover comes out next week. Whoops. At least all my mistakes happened in the same column. Yay?

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