Lessons In Podcasting

Geeklings, today is Thursday, which means there should be a brand spanking new episode of the I Am Geek Podcast for your earholes. Yet, all there is this post? What happened? Where did your podcast go? Are we not getting one this week? Is it coming later today? Did we record it and just not sharing? Make with the answers geeky man… Well, if you give me a second I’ll explain everything.

You see my friends, we’re still pretty new at this whole podcasting thing. In fact I feel that we’re getting better with each episode, and with five in the books I’d say some serious progress has been made. But not enough progress where a certain host could go into a recording session with no outline or notes and hope to wing it. Last Saturday we made the discovery that we are definitely not there yet.

We decided last Saturday that we would bang out episode six of the podcast and have it all geared up for it’s regularly scheduled release date (*ahem* today *ahem*), and that’s what we did. We sat down and recorded episode six except it wasn’t good. In fact as we were recording it I felt myself losing control of the episode. There were a number of long pauses, lots of noise of people getting up, and your host clearly was not prepared enough to bring things together. Truth is I was more excited about getting a head of schedule and didn’t really have any true idea what to discuss. I had rough ideas and little ideas and we covered those, but for the most part it seemed like the whole time I was searching for a bigger subject matter and that’s because I was. That falls on me. I take that responsibility as the shows host, and now I know that I need some prep work before recording. Such arrogance on episode six, am I right?

Now what does that mean for episode six? It means we’re going back to the booth and re-recording it tonight. As fun as all this is, it’s not really a game, we all kind of want to build something off it (that’s the dream any way) and in order to do so it needs to be taken a wee bit seriously. This all adds up with knowing when your product stinks and shouldn’t assault the earlobes of your listeners. It would have been easy to just edit and put episode six out to meet the deadline, but it would have cheapened what we’re working on here. I don’t want to do that.

And that is the story of why you can’t listen to a new episode of the podcast tonight. But fear not it’ll be here soon and it will be to the I Am Geek standards. Who knew, we have standards now. Maybe one day we’ll actually put the original episode six out as one of “lost episodes”. It’s good to have in our back pocket for that time where we don’t have a chance to record. Or to use for an outtake episode. Hmmmm, wheels spinning but again sorry for the delay Geeklings.

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