Week In Geek- More Stephen King Trailers, The Button Conclusion, & Blade Runner Sequel

Geeklings, how is everyone doing? I haven’t been around since Thursday when I dropped the latest episode of the I Am Geek Podcast, and I wanted to come back this weekend and do a write up on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 but I took the weekend to process the film instead. Sometimes I feel like I need time before jumping into a review and finally listening to the soundtrack actually really helped me process some of the my thoughts. Needless to say I started the piece this morning but my eyes got a little heavy which means you’ll see the finished product tomorrow.

In the mean time we can talk about how Free Comic Book Day was a blasty blast. All things considered it was pretty low key as I had to work during the day and missed most of the signers at my local shop (John Romita Jr!!!!), but Jen and I were able to swoop in and grab some books. I could tell she was a bit disappointed (I think she was thinking it would be like a Comic Con Jr) but we made up for it with a mall adventure with some serious time spent in Think Geek. They have everything there! Including a replica Captain America shield which I just might have to make mine. Don’t worry there are tons of pictures of us geeking out (follow me on Instagram to see them @iamgeek32), but all and all it was a fun day that resulted in tons of comics for Kevin. Which I am insanely backed up on. I’ve been putting aside more time to chip away at them but at this point I’m pretty much drowning in comics. I guess there are worse things.

But enough about me, for now, as there are a number of things to break down this week. As a matter of fact there are a number of Stephen King items to break down this week. In case you haven’t realized it Geeklings, this is going to be the year of Stephen King and this Constant Reader couldn’t be more excited. Let’s break this shiz down.

1. New It Trailer- First off I never know how to write the title of this movie. Should it be IT or It? I feel the caps works better but other times the lowercase “t” looks more creepy. Your opinion in this matter is desired. Besides that though last night was the MTV Movie Awards, which I haven’t watched since I was in college… I think. Now I’m thinking I should have since things  Stranger Things and Logan cleaned up. Also, since when are TV shows a part of the MTV Movie Awards? I’ve been out of the game too long.

None of this is what I want to really discuss though. Last night the show debuted new footage from the IT movie and, just like the trailer released a month or so ago, this thing looks all types of terrifying. If this movie is going to work then the relationship between the Losers Club has got to be legit (talking Stranger Things levels), and this trailer helps throw the focus on that. I’m trying not to get over excited for this (who am I kidding, it’s already too late for that) but there is a lot of promise here. I especially love how neither trailer has shown Pennywise talking, just existing in a manner that seems like it will ruin lives. My life specifically.

2. New Mist trailer- If you were hoping for a bit more Stephen King goodness this week then you’d be in luck. Seriously 2017 is looking to be the year of King and we say thank you big big. Don’t forget there’s that Castle Rock show coming to Hulu with JJ Abrams, there are two books being released this year (one this month!), and a TV show for Mr. Mercedes as well. On top of all that there’s also going to be a Mist series coming to Spike and they just released a second trailer, and things look crazy! I was skeptical about a Mist television show because I loved the movie so much. That ending. Holy shit. But I have to say these trailers are starting to turn me around. I like that they’ll be spending a little more time on Project Arrow as well as taking the idea of the mist and making something new out of it. What happens in the super market is just one part of that town, and I would love to see if this show is willing to explore just what happens to the other citizens experiencing the mist. Could make for some compelling story telling. If these trailers are any indication things are going to be tense.

Image result for the button part 4 dc comics3. The Button Conclusion- Over the last three weeks DC Comics has been trying to answer some of the questions that were raised a year ago in DC Rebirth #1. You know, that whole Dr. Manhattan is responsible for stealing time away from the DC Universe thing that was revealed. Well, we are three issues in and the answers seem a bit vague (or non existent) but the story telling has been compelling. This crossover has spanned the Flash and Batman books and has really packed some emotional depth. The Flashpoint universe has been resurrected, seeming like the catalyst for Dr. Manhattan to make his move,  and brought about some serious feels moments between our Batman and the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne). Like for real feels. This week will see the crossover conclude on the pages of The Flash and it appears, at least based on the end of the last issue, that maybe, just maybe, we could get our first encounter with Dr. Manhattan. That would make everything worth it.

4. Blade Runner 2049 Trailer– It has been a long, long time since I last watched the original Blade Runner. I don’t remember much of it actually but I do remember Harrison Ford’s character getting a little too grabby with Sean Young’s character and it made me feel weird. That aside you can bet that I’ll be giving this another visit to prepare for the sequel, that just got a brand spankin’ new trailer. And this thing looks sick. I don’t know what Ridley Scott’s game plan is lately, besides re-visiting his old stomping grounds, but I’m all for it. Blade Runner 2049 looks visually stunning with an excellent cast. And is it me or has anyone played more re-occurring characters than Harrison Ford? He’s got to be leading in that category.

5. Final Wonder Woman trailer- Also coming out of the MTV Movie Awards was the final trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman, and all I can say is, please don’t suck. DC really needs this movie to do well and I need it to do well to have any hope for the DC Cinematic Universe. But… no pressure what so ever.

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