I Am Geek Podcast Episode 5- Do You Even Squatty Potty?

Geeklings, it’s Thursday and you know what that means… new episode of the podcast day! There was great rejoicing (this is the part where you guys rejoice). This is literally coming in hot off the presses as we recorded this episode last night, and I think it might be some of the most fun we’ve had recording thus far. I will warn you though the gang gets a little punchy but I feel it adds to the overall enjoyment factor here.

We’re still on Sound Cloud as we’re still having image issues with itunes. I promise we’re going to be up there and I’m hoping that it happens by the end of the month. We played around with it for awhile last night after we recorded but by that time it was already after midnight and we was tired. And by me, I mean Paul. I will keep everyone updated as the quest for itunes continues. In the meantime you can listen right here at I Am Geek or over at Sound Cloud.

Happy listening and many huzzahs!

Welcome to Episode Five of the I Am Geek Podcast, “Do You Even Squatty Potty?” and the gang is back after two weeks off from recording. What aims to be a discussion about imagination turns into a discussion about squat/ab challenges, being immortal, Antonio Banderas’s hair, Free Comic Book Day, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Pillow Land, Jen’s ability to sing everything, and Paul introduces the gang to the squatty potty. Things get punchy and you know you want to hear this.

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