No Comics Just the It Trailer

Geeklings, I interrupt our regularly scheduled Today In Awesome Comic Book Images column because something happened today. Something exciting and terrifying and possibly life ruining and massive. Just massive. And I felt this would be no geeky site if I let this one slip through the cracks. Geeklings, the first trailer of the new It film dropped today and it was everything.

Seriously, everything.

I haven’t been able to shake this thing since I watched it. I keep replaying images over and over in my mind (and I stupidly just watched it again…and then again. Maybe one more time.) and wonder if this is going to bother my sleep at all. I suspect that there’s a good possibility. On top of that though, I have decided that I’m going to re-read It this summer. It’s been four years since I last read the book and I think I want a refresher course in Derry, Pennywise, and the Losers Club before the movie releases in September. That and apparently I hate myself.

Now without further delay here is the trailer. I warn you, this thing will slightly ruin your life but it doesn’t mean it’s not exciting. This has all the potential to be the It movie we deserve. Sorry Tim Curry but this film right here… this film is out to eat souls.

I know, I knoooooow. Take a deep breath. Nice and slow. Try and get yourself together. Fight all urges to go back and watch that again (well… not all urges. Maybe one more viewing). You made it. You survived, and as I reward I have included a video of a cat saying the word “diabetes”. You’re going to be okay.

Better? Good. See everyone tomorrow… hopefully.

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