Wrestlemania and the Walking Dead Finale Woes

Geeklings, what is going on? Been a few days since I’ve popped in to say hello but it hasn’t been because I wasn’t thinking about you. Quite the contrary actually. I was going to write a post yesterday but the majority of my afternoon was spent recording our first podcast… That’s right! Our very first podcast episode has been recorded and edited (still needs some touch ups in mic volume) and once I figure out how to fix the websites address we should be making it public. Super excited for all of you to hear it, there have been a select few who have been able to listen to it so far and the feedback has been positive which means there is a lot to be excited about. Obviously I’ll keep you guys updated when it will be made available, but keep your eyes open for it sooner rather than later. Also keep your eyes open for follow up episodes because the goal is to do a new episode per week. Pretty pumped about our next direction here at I Am Geek.

I’m going to keep today a little brief because I’m having one of those days where there isn’t enough time in the pop culture landscape. At this moment I’m typing up this column quickly so I can head out the door to my buddies house so we can start watching Wrestlemania 33 for the next three days. Three days is an exaggeration but you get the point. This show starts at seven and will go to eleven, and that’s a whole bunch of wrestling to be consuming in one night. But that’s not where my night ends. Oh no. You see Geeklings, the problem with having pop culture responsibilities, or writing responsibilities, is that the I have to fly home once ‘Mania ends and park myself on my chair and in front of my couch so I can watch the Walking Dead season finale as I have a review to write tomorrow.

I know, my life is hard.

It may sound like I’m complaining about this but the truth is I’m not. I enjoy when my days get filled with geeky/pop culture goodness. The only problems that arise are having to stay off of social media after nine o’clock to avoid possible Walking Dead spoilers and making sure I don’t fall asleep while watching the finale. One of those I can guarantee, sort of, the other I might have no control over. Which means I’ve got to hope to ride a Wrestlemania adrenaline high all the way to the end of the season finale of the Walking Dead. Or maybe hope that the episode itself is so good that it keeps me engaged and wake the entire time. Maybe even a little bit of both.

Other than that not much to touch on today. We’ve got a lot of things to look forward to this week starting tomorrow with an all new Week In Geek and the return of Today In Awesome Comic Book Images on Wednesday. Not to mention March just ended so that means we’ve got to update the year in books. On top of all that I’ve got a couple of other columns brewing in the old noggin so expect another week full of I Am Geek goodness. Until then Geeklings, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see you all back here tomorrow.

Many huzzahs!

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