Week In Geek- Rick and Morty April Fool’s Gag, DC Goes Batman, and Wrestling

Geeklings, welcome to a new Week In Geek. It’s late at night and you’ve been working all day, I’ve been working all day, and it’s gotten to a point where maybe we should just talk about what makes this week geeky great and pick up with the chit chat tomorrow.

rck and morty season 31. Rick and Morty season 3- Saturday was April Fools Day and Rick and Morty pulled off the best anti April Fools Day gag ever dropping the premier episode of season three seemingly out of no where on loop for three hours or so. I happened to go on Instagram for a second and saw a teaser image with the words “this is not a scam” and I couldn’t get my hands on the episode quick enough. While the episode is ultimately a big tease, season three won’t be here till the summer, it was hands down one of the best episodes of the show thus far. Rick and Morty tends to perfectly mesh the humor with the feels and the season three premier seemed to have tighter story telling while calling back to some of my favorite Rick and Morty episodes. If you missed it on Saturday fear not you can catch the episode on the Rick and Morty Faceyspace page. Do yourself a favor and watch this and get yourself hyped for season three. If this episode is any indication than it’s going to be ten pounds of awesome in a five pound. And while you’re at it be sure to sign the petition to get that szechuan sauce from McDonald’s back.

Image result for batman-metal scott snyder2. DC Looking to go full Batman– Over the weekend we learned that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo would be teaming up again for a new DC event titled Batman: Metal. There aren’t a lot of details on just yet but with Snyder and Capullo teaming up again one can expect it to be all the awesome. What we do know is that Snyder will be calling back to a lot of themes and big questions that were hinted at during his Batman run. I’m not sure what kind of ramifications this event will have on the DC universe but who cares, Snyder and Capullo are telling Batman stories again.

Image result for monday night raw3. WWE Raw After Wrestlemania– The Raw after Wrestlemania, for me, tends to be the best wrestling event of the year. The crowd takes a year of poor story telling and wrestling frustration and vents it on live today. The atmosphere is always electric and the show tends to be more spectacle than wrestling show. There are times where I’m more interested in what the crowd is chanting opposed to what is happening in the ring. That’s where I plan on spending the rest of my night once this column is complete.

4. Game of Thrones trailer– Not a whole lot happens in the newly released Game of Thrones trailer but there is some intense power walking as three core characters look to take their places on the throne. There are a couple of things of interest here though. Starting with Daenerys, who when we last saw seemed to be heading over to Westeros for the first time ever. What throne is she sitting on? Could it be that, with the help of the Greyjoys, that Daenerys has taken over the Storm Islands? Will that be her first stop on the Daenerys takes back what she thinks is hers tour? And then there is Cersei who is currently sitting on the Iron Throne. Nothing much of interest happens with her power walking until the very end where she exhales a bit of cold air and the trailer shifts to the eye of the Night King. Could this possibly implicate that there’s an alliance brewing between the White Walkers and Cersei or is it showing that there’s another throne that needs to be watched? This just goes to show that even characters walking is enough to get us pumped for this season.


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