Week In Geek- Spider-Man Comes Home, Pickle Rick, & the Return of Blade (?)

Geeklings, a very Happy Fourth of July Eve to you all. I’m sure some of you are wondering, is the “Fourth of July Eve” an actual holiday that we celebrate. The short answer is yes when you don’t have work tomorrow but stupidly had work today. Am I right here? With the 4th falling on a Tuesday you would have thought that everything would have shut down on Monday so we could have had ourselves one long weekend but noooooooooo, some of us had to be responsible today and go to their jobs. Ugh. I digress though. I’ll gladly take my day off tomorrow.

I know our writing schedule here at I Am Geek still seems to be a bit erratic and it’s mostly me adjusting to the heavier writing schedule over at Fan Fest. Don’t worry, I’ll get ahold of it soon, most likely by this week and try and get the column count here back up to four or five a week. That sounds reasonable, right? I thought so.

What better way to kick off the new writing week then with a brand spankin’ new edition of The Week In Geek, and this week has plenty of treats in store for us including the return of my favorite superhero to the big screen. As a matter of fact, I think that’s where we should start things off. Boom, effortless transition.

SpiderMan HC 11. Spider-Man: Homecoming– It’s finally here. After making his fantastic debut as the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil WarTom Holland has been given the keys to the car as he looks to shoulder his own movie. Well, that’s not entirely true as Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark will be there too. I understand the move too as Marvel might be nervous that the world could be suffering a bit of Spider-Man fatigue. Another new Spider-Man? Ugh. The inclusion of Tony Stark is to help ease fans worries and to bring Spidey smoothly into the MCU without making it feel like another reboot.

As for me, I’ve been getting more and more excited for this film as the weeks have gone by. I’ll be back later this week to talk about the importance of Spider-Man to me, but I need this to be the Spider-Man movie I’ve been waiting my whole life for (#nopressure). That one Spider-Man movie where I could have no problems throwing it on over and over and over again. With Michael Keaton looking to break up the one dimensional MCU villains (outside of Loki of course) and Tom Holland’s energy and knack for the character, I feel like we’re in some really good hands here. I’m going to the midnight show. I’m not waiting.

2. Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer- Finally. It seems like ages ago that Adult Swim dropped the first episode of season three, out of nowhere I might add, leaving me jonesing for more Rick and Mortys. Seriously, I think I’ve watched season two at least twice since April 1st… maybe three times. No, I think it was twice. Doesn’t matter. I’ve been watching a lot of Rick and Morty and with the release of this trailer, I can promise you that I will continue to watch more Rick and Morty. While it seems that the trailer doesn’t hit on any real plot points, the theme for this season seems to be bonkers (just listen to the song) as well as going a little bit darker. Who would have thought that possible as darkness has always loomed on the outskirts of each episode. I was very happy with how vague things were and am already in love with the Pickle Rick character (get on that Funko) and the idea of a Rick and Morty meets a Mad Max: Fury Road. There’s a lot of promise here. July 30th can not come soon enough.

Image result for blade marvel3. Is Blade Returning to the MCU? You may not recall this but those Blade movies from a few years back, those were Marvel comic movies. Whaaaaat?! Yeah, that’s right. Blade was kind of one of the first R-rated superheroes, and his movies were a heap of badassness, outside of the third film that is. Awhile back Marvel regained the movie rights to the character which immediately got the interwebs community chatting about when we could see Blade in the MCU. There is even some fan art out there that depicts Jamie Foxx replacing Wesley Snipes. Not saying that that’s going to happen but after watching him in Baby Driver, I’d have little problem currently with Foxx taking the role. Anyway, this is all besides the point. Rumors have been heating up that Blade might actually be showing up in Marvel’s Netflix universe, specifically, The Defenders. Which comes out in August. Wrap your minds around that and all it’s coolness potential. And if the rumors weren’t enough to fuel the fires the comics didn’t help calm things down at all as Blade mysteriously, and seemingly out of nowhere, shows up in the latest issue of The Defenders. Does this mean anything? Probably not. Is it fun to wonder? Of course, it is.

Image result for thor: ragnarok pop vinyl4. Thor: Ragnarok Pop Vinyls- Last week Funko released its first images of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok pop vinyl line, and I already need that Planet Hulk Hulk figure. Although, surprisingly missing was war paint Thor? Funko, what gives? Will it be an exclusive or are you just planning on not issuing a gladiator Thor pop? Seems like that would be a missed opportunity.

Image result for baby driver soundtrack5. Baby Driver soundtrack- I’m quickly finding that 2017, or the summer of 2017, is becoming the year (or season) of the soundtrack. Sooooooo many good soundtracks out right now starting with Guardians Vol. 2 and Master of None season two. Well, I think it’s time you add the Baby Driver soundtrack to that list. I have things I want to say about Baby Driver, and hopefully, I will get to them this week, but in the meantime, you’ve got to give this soundtrack a listen. It’s epically delightful and covers such a terrific span of music. You’ll be driving getaway cars in no time. Or at the very least imagining you would.

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