Fun With Marvel Covers

A very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all. As you know Wednesday is my favorite of the week and deserves celebrating. As a matter of fact, my newest Pull List column is already up at Fan Fest News if you’re looking for some books to read this week. Of course, you are, duh.

I figured in honor of New Comic Book Day I would dedicate today’s column to… well, comics. Seemed like an obvious choice. I tell you Geeklings, I’m super smart. Oooooh, the use of the word “super” on New Comic Day… I’m killing it right now! Bask in my glory.

Anywho, Marvel has been all types of busy over the last couple of weeks announcing a variant cover project starting this fall which will put Marvel heroes re-enacting famous rock & roll album covers. They did this for awhile with hip-hop album covers, in fact, I have the Avengers Roots cover hanging signed in the Fortress so this project definitely has my attention. On top of that fun little project, Marvel released a whole gaggle worth of covers, and nothing else, for their upcoming reboot (rebootish ) Marvel Legacy. If you follow me on Twitter, which you should (@iamgeek32), you probably saw that I was all over those releases which has brought me here today. I said to myself, “self, why not post my five favorite covers from Marvel’s cover release parties and discuss them”, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

So, without further delay, here are my five favorites, and two honorable mentions.

Image result for marvel rock and roll variant coversImage may contain: 1 person

Honorable Mention- Guardians of the Galaxy do Nirvana’s Nevermind & Marvel Legacy brings us Doctor Strange… and Loki?!?! Yes please

Image may contain: text

5. Marvel Legacy– Punisher is the new War Machine- I’m not a huge Punisher fan. I respect his badass nature and love him in certain stories, his use in season two of Daredevil was fantastic, but the idea of giving him the War Machine suit… that’s all types of crazy. On top of that this armor looks sick with the Punisher skull on it.

No automatic alt text available.

4. Marvel Legacy– Return to Planet Hulk- Planet Hulk is one of my all time favorite comic book runs, it took a character that I kind of tolerated, with the Hulk, and made him this gladiator badass that I became crazy about. The book was everything. I haven’t read it in years but recently bought it on Amazon recently for $2.99 (hello steal) and look forward to reading it again before Thor: Ragnarok comes out. Now throw in the fact that the comics will be re-visiting the story with Amadeous Cho and I’m all types of in. My only complaint is this arc is only going to be five issues.

Image result for marvel legacy death of thor

3. Marvel Legacy– Death of Thor- Ahhhhh, this cover is dope as hell and if you’ve been following Jason Aaron’s Thor run then you know that Jane Foster is currently Thor. The kicker is that she’s dying of cancer and every time she’s Thor it makes her human body weaker thus negating any treatment she’s getting. It looks like with Marvel Legacy that all of that is finally going to catch up with her. Will she die? I’m unsure but this cover sure doesn’t make it look promising.

Image result for marvel rock and roll variant covers

2. Thor does the Clash’s London Calling– Yep, I’m going to need this for a wall at the Fortress. For serious.

No automatic alt text available.

1. Marvel Legacy– Hawkeye- This may not be the most flashy event coming out of Marvel Legacy but I absolutely love, love, loooooooove this cover. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run is one of my all-time favorite comic book series and the fact that this cover revisits that brings all the feels home to me. I don’t think this cover means that Fraction will be returning to the series, although that would be auh-mazing, but it does have me excited that both Hawkeyes have a place in the Marvel Legacy universe. As a matter of fact, this cover is my phone’s wallpaper right now. Ugh, love this.

There you have it Geeklings. These were my five favorite covers to come out of Marvel’s big cover reveals over the last couple of weeks. Of course, I’ve left a number of them out, especially when it comes to Marvel Legacy as the company released 52 covers last week, so if you think you’ve got some better ones, by all means, share in the comments below or at the Faceyspace page. You can always find me on Twitter (@iamgeek32) if you’d like to further talk comics. And why wouldn’t you? Talking comics is the best!

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