I Am Geek Podcast Episode 9- Don’t Lick My Shoulder

Geeklings, over the weekend I put the newest episode of the I Am Geek Podcast up on Sound Cloud and then forgot to upload it here on the site. Well, that’s only partially true. I knew that I had to upload it on the site but ran out of time before work and then never revisited it. So yeah, that’s on me. I told you yesterday that it was a weird writing week last week.

But for those of you who have been patiently waiting for the newest edition of the, I Am Geek Podcast your wait is finally over. I’m happy with the way the episode turned out but I have to say I was crazy tired that night and the following day. You see, we try and work in recording sessions around our schedules, and since I have the shittiest schedule of the bunch, it usually results in our recording late at night during the week. It’s still fun but I’m longing for those recording sessions on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

As for this episode, what can you expect? I’m glad you asked.

What happens when the group is a little tired? Well, the usual shenanigans but the tired version. Tune in to episode nine where the I Am Geek crew discusses strange things you say to your infant, steel anniversaries, the Han Solo movie, Game of Thrones trailer, the real name of Kid Sister, Jen’s overall phase, Clint Howard, and Paul’s homage to the late Prodigy.

On top of a new episode of the podcast, we have a brand spanking new logo design to unveil as well. My friend Naomi over at Fan Fest News has helped create a logo that will hopefully allow us to get on Itunes for subscription purposes. We say thank you big big and be sure to head over to Fan Fest and read her stuff. Lots of good reads ahead for your eyeholes.


Sharp, right? We’re going places Geeklings. Be sure to leave any feedback on the show, or the new logo, in the comments below or on the Faceyspace page. See you all back here tomorrow for continued geeky awesomeness. Many huzzahs!

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