Week In Geek- Return of Preacher & Super Nintendo and the Newest Issue of Secret Empire

Geeklings, last week was a bit of an unorthodox writing week for the site, eh? Not entirely sure what happened there but it seems that a lot of my energy was pulled towards Fan Fest News. Not that I’m complaining as I love my time over there, and it’s about to get even more busy with Preacher, Orphan Black, and very soon, Game of Thrones reviews coming but that doesn’t mean I should pay less attention to I Am Geek. I’ve already mapped out my writing schedule for the week, something I haven’t done before but am really excited about, and if all things go according to plan we’re going to be spending quite a bit of time together. Try not to become overwhelmed with excitement. Nah, go ahead! Be excited.

What better way to kick off our new writing week than with a brand spanking new Week In Geek? If this site has any type of motto, and why don’t we have a motto get on that Geeklings, then it’s we don’t miss a Week In Geek. Keeping with that mindset let’s get into this thing as there are a number of things to get excited about.

Image result for preacher season 21. Preacher season two- Last night saw the return of AMC’s Preacher and I for one am really happy to see this show return to our screens. There is this underlining weirdness to Preacher that you don’t really find on other shows. It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s unapologetic, and somewhere in all that weirdness, there’s a bit of heart too. Characters looking to find redemption or to atone for past sins or perhaps event to find peace. With the return of season two, I’ll be back at Fan Fest News doing the show reviews (starting tomorrow as a matter of fact) and breaking down the road trip to find God staring an outlaw, a preacher, and a vampire. I know that Season two will follow the comics a bit more loyally, something I still haven’t read despite owning the first volume,  and that should make the fanboys all types of happy. Me? I’m just looking to celebrate a show that isn’t afraid to throw a whole bunch of weirdness at me while not thinking any of it is weird. Just fun.

SNES2. The Super Nintendo Classic- If you remember almost a year agon Nintendo released a mini version of the NES system with like fifty games on it, and the world lost its face with nostalgic feels. Who didn’t want to play old school Nintendo games on large HD TVs? Well, Nintendo saw your nostalgic love and is now raising it as they’re looking to do the same thing with the Super Nintendo system. And with that, my heart exploded with all types of 90’s childhood glee. The SNES was my favorite system of all time, and I think I’ll write a column on that later this week, and the idea of getting to play games like Street Fighter II, Star Fox, Earthbound (!!!!!), Yoshi Island, Mario Kart, and Super Metroid again as an adult… I don’t know but the idea of it makes me want to choke up a little.

Image result for secret empire #53. Secret Empire #5- I’m not going to sit her and keep re-hashing my love for this event because I’ve made that pretty evident. Any time a new issue comes out I get all the comic book excitement and will probably wake up at the ass-crack of dawn in order to read it as soon as possible. Issue five is the half way mark for this event and I think it’s about time to start seeing some casualties. Not necessarily death but something has got to give. I don’t necessarily believe that this thing needs a jolt in the arm but a major event could really get the ball rolling towards the finish line. If our heroes are going to have any hope of defeating Hydra-Cap then this is the issue for them to strike. Or maybe Hydra will strike and make things all the more difficult. Hmmm… Ugh, just put this book in my hands already.

Image result for baby driver4. Baby Driver– I don’t know what’s happening to me but I mistakenly thought that Baby Driver was coming out last week. Whoops. Well, it’s actually coming out this week, Wednesday I believe, and I’m still just as excited for it. Especially when the Entertainment Weekly review of the film refers to it as “a glorious, candy-colored, action movie opera”. How the hell cold that go wrong?! Sign me up please and thank you. All types of excitment for this one.


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