Winter Arrives On the First Day Of Summer

Geeklings, I had myself a much needed day off today. It seems that lately I’ve been kind of hitting a bit of a wall with work and what not and it’s resulted in me feeling a little bit shot. Oddly enough this hasn’t crossed over into my social life, in fact when it comes to being social I’m pretty much ready to go, but as for work I’m in that slightly burnt out phase. I need a vacation. Needless to say this day off came at exactly the right time.

I woke up early and played some video games and cleaned the Fortress of Nerditude and even got some outdoors time in with my niece playing special guest star. It was all quite lovely and relaxing, and the day isn’t over yet. As I was sitting outside though I got a Faceyspace alert from the Adorable Creature which of course I followed up on immediately. She’s really quite excellent at finding things worthy of tags. But even I wasn’t ready for this.

That’s right Geeklings there’s a new Game of Thrones trailer and don’t think the fact that it dropped on the first day of summer is lost on me because it is not. I was caught so unaware with this, in fact the Adorable Creature (her name is Alyson by the way and she’s the best) didn’t even follow up the tag with a text message. She craftily placed it and waited for me to find it. Almost like a pop culture time bomb. I think my reaction was a text filled with all caps and exclamation points, and she played it cooler than the other side of the pillow and didn’t act like she hadn’t found the best thing of the day.

Almost two months ago we got our first glimpse of season seven and it was all types of exciting. With the end near we knew that this upcoming season of Game of Thrones was going to bring the fire and that first trailer backed up those thoughts. Well, this second trailer kind of kicked in the door.

GoT 7Surprisingly absent from the first season seven trailer, the Night King and the white walkers,  make their presence known as it seems that King in the North Jon Snow and his army are heading beyond the wall to go to war. Of all the things to be excited about this season of Game of Thrones the battle with the White Walkers is number one on the list. This story line has been crafted so perfectly that it’s importance almost hides below the radar, but not any more. I’ve had a working theory that it would be the war in the North that brings Jon and Daenerys together but this trailer looks to prove me wrong. As of right now Jon seems to be going alone while the Mother of Dragons looks to take on Kingslanding, something that I thought would be saved until season eight but I understand that time is short and my theories tend to be a bit off.

Here are some of the highlights for me

  • Daenerys in Stannis’ map room confirming that she is now in the Stormlands and closer to Kingslanding than ever. Ooooooh the feels of this
  • GoT 7 3Have you missed Beric Dondarrion? Good thing he shows up with his fire sword for the war beyond the wall. That might be one of my favorite visuals from this trailer and all but confirms that Lady Stoneheart will never appear.
  • Littlefinger lurking in the shadows was creepy as hell and with Sansa starting the trailer off I suspect that his ability to manipulate her against Jon will be a large part of this season. But seriously he looks like a perv hiding in the shadows like that.
  • I could be wrong, I’ve only watched the trailer three times presently, but was that the dragons heading towards Kingslanding? Also was that the Unsullied and Dothraki battling Lanniester forces?! Something tells me that after this season the Battle of the Bastards will be an after thought compared to some of the battle sequences in our future.
  • I got this vibe that this is going to be an important season for Jamie Lanniester, and I can’t say that I feel confident about him surviving. Jamie has had one of the best turn arounds in the show going from pushing children out of windows to saving women from bears. I still hold out the belief that he will be the one who kills Queen Cersei thus coming full circle as a King Slayer (*ahem* Queen Slayer *ahem) and fulfilling her prophecy. Sorry Tyrion you don’t get this death.  But that image of him charging a burning field with a joust is pretty epic.
  • GoT 7 4We all agree that if Tormund dies we riot, right? The dude just got a pop and it looks like he’s battling one of the white walker generals. I’m not ready for that.
  • So. Many. Dragons. Spitting. Hot. Fire.
  • Bran is going to be involved in the war in the North and it looks like he’s bringing an army of actual crows. It also looks like the Night King knows he’s there and not tolerating that noise.
  • Is the Hound in the North? Why yes it appears that he is.
  • Loved the fact that the trailer used the “Light of the Seven” theme from the season six finale. Hands down one of the best musical pieces to come out of this show.
  • “When the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies. But the pack survives.” with a closing shot of Jon Snow… I’m sorry what now?

I don’t know about you guys but I am all types of excited for this upcoming season. We’re planning a Game of Thrones themed party and I’m getting myself a chalice with the Stark family crest because… do I really need a reason here? While I’m excited that summer has finally arrived I can’t help but feel that winter can’t get here soon enough!

GoT 7 2

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